What is E-Mail Marketing? How To?

Today, e-mail is now being replaced by slow DM, twitter, Whatsapp messages. Instead of e-mailing, we prefer correspondence from Whatsapp. However, these developments do not mean that e-mail is completely out of use. In fact, our e-mail box gives us peace and solitude compared to the chaotic environment of social media.

Therefore, it is possible to say that e-mail marketing is more important than ever. But there is a problem: Nobody knows exactly how to do email marketing.

People see advertisements, sounds, images, articles around them every hour. So even if you think your ad is private, people are probably not able to distinguish your work from others. It is therefore important that you know where you are.

When you e-mail a person, you will be invited to dinner at that person’s home. You must therefore follow the rules in the house you are visiting as a guest.

In this article, we will explain the subtleties of marketing via e-mail. Then let’s go to our article.

Step 1: E-mail Address Collection

First of all, you should have a considerable list of emails for email marketing.

There are some ways to collect the e-mail address of thousands of people. For example, many people ask for their e-mail address in exchange for providing a useful pdf about a topic. Thus, the e-mail address of each person who downloads the pdf is saved in the database.

It’s up to you how to get people’s e-mail address, but the important thing is that you need to know why you’re collecting those e-mail addresses. When people give you their e-mail address, the following questions arise in their minds.

  • What do I get in return for my e-mail address?
  • Are you going to send spam all the time?
  • How often will you e-mail me?
  • Will I get a discount on any sales?
  • Send useful information about the product or service, or send a lot of unnecessary emails?

If you want to be successful in the first stage, that is to ask people for their e-mail addresses, you will be addressed to these questions. A phrase like in Enter your e-mail address to learn about product developments ”does not excite anyone. In this respect, you need to write a solid text that will mobilize people.

When we look at the examples above, the first example states that a free catalog, product review and discount c will be gained. In the second example, under the heading 6 ways to change the world, it is mentioned that a newsletter will be sent every Monday and Thursday via e-mail. Both examples use a very specific and effective style.

People sign up for an e-mail list on a website mostly because of these issues.

  • E-mail series
  • Free download links
  • Free e-book and pdf
  • Current developments about products and services

Amazon, in particular, is very successful in this regard. In this regard, make sure that people fill out a form and share their e-mail address in any sales transaction. A customer who buys from you can be very helpful in bringing you new customers. So pay attention to the addresses you collect. We will discuss this in more detail in the second stage.

Don’t Fall Into Spam Box!

The most reliable email address providers do their best to ensure that your emails don’t fall into the spam box. However, they cannot control whether the final e-mail that you send will fall into the inbox or spam box. Therefore, make sure that the e-mails you send reach the inbox, the exact destination.

For this, you should not fall into the black list. If the e-mails you send go to the inbox of the other people, it means that you entered them in the phone book.

You can use the following services when sending mass e-mail. It is extremely rare for bulk emails sent through these sites to fall into spam.

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Blue Sky Factory
  • Emma
  • Sumo

Stage 2: Sending E-mail

E-mail marketing is all about expectation. If the e-mail you send to people is convincing and people click on the e-mail and come to your website, this is a positive campaign. However, if you promise to send people an e-mail once a week and then send it to it every day, you’re bored. However, if you send e-mails to people waiting for e-mails on a daily basis, you endanger yourself.

In this respect, the first e-mail is vital for the success of your campaign. All bulk email services offer you the option of an auto responder, which you need to take advantage of.

You should identify yourself in the first e-mail you send to the person you receive your e-mail and express what kind of e-mails you will send to this person. Here, it is better to send a detailed and long e-mail and explain your past clearly, but a short and striking e-mail can be successful. It depends on your style.

After that point the whole event is to meet people’s expectations.

Posting Relevant Content Is Important

When you present a product or service via e-mail, place yourself in the reader’s place. Check people’s expectations and your mails are compatible. For example, we said Amazon was successful. Because Amazon knows the buying habits of its customers, it sends relevant emails. So if you submit a product promotion that has nothing to do with the customer’s lifestyle, you run the risk of losing that person.

Another issue is what kind of value you offer people by e-mail. It is important that you present a value to the other party through a product introduction video, e-book, blog post or other content.

Every company and every business has different needs. So you can deliver different types of content in different styles via email. However, slack, unbuttoned and boring strategy will never take you anywhere. It will always be in your favor to be cautious, cautious and attentive.

What should be in the newsletter?

The main difference between a good newsletter and a bad news is that you don’t realize that you’ve been added to the mailing list. In other words, the automatic processing of the process indicates that the company providing that newsletter service takes this business seriously. Lack of a regular e-mail routine indicates failure in the newsletter.

Newsletters that offer a mix of messages and content are generally the most preferred newsletters. For example, an e-mail should provide both promotional and up-to-date news about newly released products and a personal touch.

In essence, it is better to use newsletters to build and maintain relationships with customers / readers than with a sales tool. Save the subject of sale in quotation and notification e-mails.

How should Autoresponder be used?

As a marketer, it is not good to “empty“ the mailing list.

At this point the automatic email responder can save you. You can sort your content and e-mails in a certain order and you can have these e-mails sent automatically when the time comes.

The benefit of automatic e-mail is to keep in touch with the people on your e-mail list, even if you do nothing. When you prepare a 3-month e-mail and schedule it as 1 e-mail per week, the e-mails reach the other party even if you do nothing for 12 weeks. Of course you shouldn’t bombard people by saying bomb It’s automatic anyway!..

Stage 3: Analysis and Segmentation

Analysis is vital when it comes to e-mail. All bulk email services provide users with some basic statistical information.

The most important of these statistics are opening mail, clickthrough rate and unsubscription.

The rate of opening the mail shows the level of your relationship with people. If 13 out of 100 mailings you send are opened, people delete them without opening an email. This means you can work better on meeting expectations and adding value.

If the clickthrough rate is low, either the mail is not sent to the right people, or a good text cannot be written.

And if 2 people sign up for the mailing list and 9 people leave the list, it’s critical. Here you should find out why people are unsubscribed and make moves to improve the situation.

If the unsubscription rate has increased after automatic e-mail sending, try this again. If people are unsubscribed in the first phase of the sales funnel, you should review your call to action and align it with the content of the email you send.

In short, the actions you send on the e-mail give you good tips on what you do and what you do wrong. As long as you consider these statistics and carefully examine.


This means that you can divide your mailing list into multiple groups. For example, you can divide your mailing list into different groups as follows.

  • Customer list
  • Product updates and introductions
  • Newsletters
  • Daily, weekly, monthly e-mails
  • HTML text (some people want to see text only in e-mail)

Segmenting your list in this way gives you more goal-oriented communication. Some customers would like to receive product promotion and discount news. Some just want to be aware of the latest products. If you don’t give people the freedom to choose, you may lose them.

Thanks to segmentation, you can ask people who didn’t open the e-mail you sent last week, why they didn’t open the e-mail; you can forward a different message to the people who read your last e-mail. In addition, you can send different emails to different groups of people on your list, which is included in the segmentation.

As you can see, segmentation is not like breaking down atoms, but when done correctly, it works well. This takes you a few steps ahead of your competitors.

The Value of Your List

In short, your e-mail list in the field of sales and marketing is one of your most valuable assets. E-mail marketing correctly understand, if you apply correctly; you can get back the money, labor and time you have devoted to this work.

If you can estimate the financial value of each person on your list (for example, $ 5 ), you will understand better how dangerous the decreases in this list are.

What Should An Effective E-mail Marketing Campaign Be?

For an e-mail marketing campaign to be successful, it has to carry these three elements.

Personalization and Visuality

Marketing e-mails should be personalized and include interesting visual elements. In other words, instead of the words uz Dear Reader, it would be better to have personal appeals.

In addition, instead of text such as a 400-word column, an easy-to-read, visual-enriched e-mail attracts the other party’s interest.

Responsive Design

An effective marketing e-mail should be readable on different devices such as desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Nearly 70% of today’s e-mails are read via smartphone and tablet. Therefore, when designing e-mail, you should pay attention to the fact that it can be displayed on mobile devices without error.

An Appropriate Language and Call

Above all, a marketing e-mail calls the reader into action. So you invite the reader to buy something, to become a member of something. But how can you attract the attention of a person who receives dozens of emails a day?

Here, the e-mail should have a suitable and interesting language and the issue should be conveyed in a clear and concise manner.

In order to better understand this issue, we will look at e-mail marketing examples of famous brands below.

10 Interesting E-Mail Marketing Examples

In this section, we will examine some of the companies that are doing very successful in e-mail marketing.

Dropbox, Uber, BuzzFeed e-mail marketing of famous companies such as come to a closer look mar

1. Uber

The best thing about Uber’s e-mails is that they are extremely simple and minimal. In the e-mails sent to the members of the e-mail list, the main topic of the week is briefly explained and the people are told what to do. In other words, the average person can understand and act on the e-mail sent by Uber in 10 seconds.

The above example introduces an innovation to link customers’ agendas to the Uber calendar. In case of a discount, people who want to benefit from this discount is explained in simple steps.

In addition, Uber’s e-mails are compatible with the brand’s website, mobile application, logo and brand image in general.

2. Dropbox

It is not desirable to receive e-mail from a website that you do not use. However, in the example above, Dropbox uses a sleek e-mail marketing method to re-invite old customers.

E-mails are supported by pleasant cartoons and illustrations and have a short and pleasant narrative. In the e-mail, only Dropbox brand is still in service and renewed itself reminded of what benefits Dropbox will provide to the person.

3. Buzzfeed

One of the secrets of Buzzfeed’s success in email marketing is that they always use short and attractive headlines. In the e-mails, which are designed in accordance with Buzzfeed’s content strategy, the main question is a short and intriguing answer to the question in the sub-description, or vice versa. However, in any case Buzzfeed e-mails, which have a pleasant text writing that will prompt the people who open the e-mail to click on the link, are also able to benefit from the visuals.

4. Birchbox

Birchbox, which sends cosmetics every month to its customers for a monthly subscription fee, has a very smart move in this e-mail.

In this e-mail with the theme uz We forgot to put some products in your package in February, the supposedly forgotten product is tried to be compensated with a discount from a different clothing store. In fact, there is no question of forgetting, but there is a joint marketing tactic of the Birchbox and Rent the Runway brands.

We can say that it is an e-mail marketing example in terms of advertising and marketing of two different brands in an e-mail…

5. charity: water

charity: water is a non-profit foundation that seeks to provide clean and sustainable drinking water to developing countries. In this example, charity: water shows step by step what people do on the website (buying, filling out forms, etc.).

So when a person donates charity: water, he shows how his money follows a journey. Charity: water shows step-by-step where the money is used.

Thus, you can even learn that your donation is spent to buy pumps for the dam construction in Rwanda’s Rulindo region.

6. Poncho

Poncho is a boutique brand that produces healthy and delicious drinks. Poncho, with its simple and colorful e-mail design, adds more value to their lives and sends daily weather while sending e-mails to their customers. Thus, every morning, it not only conveys the weather, pollen, wind speed to its customers, but also maintains vitality in their minds. Brilliant…

7. Warby Parker

Warby Parker, who produces very stylish glasses, informs customers that it is time to renew the prescription for glasses. In this way, the customer goes to the doctor and learns that he has to renew the prescription for the glasses and buy a new one.

In addition, the information is provided in detail to people who do not know how to follow a recipe.

Do you think these people prefer another brand when it comes time to renew glasses? Warby Parker?

8. HireVue

HireVue is a company that provides visual solutions for job interview and interview processes. In other words, HireVue, which is very ambitious and beneficial in the field of remote video-based business meetings, shows its success in the field of e-mail marketing.

In this example, people who haven’t opened HireVue e-mails for a while have been targeted. If you don’t open this e-mail within 3 days, we will remove you from our e-mail list, Hire says HireVue. Of course, he supports this with his wonderful and humorous writing.

When you press the ont Dont Let Me Go buton button, your subscription to the mailing list continues.

In general, there are many companies that make 40 somersault to unsubscribe from mailing lists. However, HireVue takes a different approach and says that if you do not prefer us, it would be better for you and us to remove you from our e-mail list.

9. RedBubble

RedBubble is a platform where more than 400,000 artists share their designs and sells such things as t-shirts, covers and glasses. Of course, the e-mails of a design-oriented website have exceeded the design issues.

Weekly e-mails are presented by many artists from RedBubble. This not only allows the RedBubble community to be recognized, but also shows people on the e-mail list the variety of products the site has.

10. Cook Smarts

Cook Smarts is a website that provides people with great and practical information about recipes and cooking. Every week, Cook Smarts e-mail includes recipes, practical advice and a way to make your work easier in the kitchen.

E-mail is very stylish in terms of design is very suitable to send to friends. This means that more people subscribe to the Cook Smarts mailing list every week…

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