Make Money By Writing E-books

You’ve always thought about expressing the author within you, but never had a chance? Here’s your chance. You can easily sell it by writing your own e-book. So you can have an additional job that you will do. And it doesn’t matter what kind of e-book you write. Just get a book you believe will be sold. Even from a cookbook you can earn coins for considerable numbers.

The fact that tablets and smartphones are as necessary as toothbrushes in our lives has given the e-book market a great momentum. When we compare the e-book market 10 years ago with its current state, we see this clearly. These developments make it even more attractive to make money by writing e-books. Here is more information about this additional business opportunity:

How to make money by writing e-books?

1 – Write a great book. This is your top priority. It’s also the hardest thing to do.

The problem is that most writers believe their books are good. Even in the worst cases, we think that all strangers will love our doodles and pay for it.

We recommend that you join author groups and receive feedback. Strive for praise, not for criticism. Praise is like candy, we all like praise, but it’s not good for us. If you want your text to be bulletproof, you’ll need to find out where the wrong is, and you’ll need others to do it.

We recommend you do not pay money to a freelance editor. Learn to do this job. If you really think you need an editor, referrals, references, make sure you pay for what you do.

2 – Pricing your book correctly. E-books are charged between $ 5 – $ 50 depending on the type.

Make sure your e-book is good enough, even if it is short. Some short stories might be better than novels.

3 – Format your eBook correctly . If you are familiar with HTML and MS Word programs, you can do it yourself. However, getting help from someone who knows what they are doing and who uses these programs well helps you get more professional results.

A poorly arranged e-book will cause bad reviews and ultimately NOT SELL.

4 – People criticize book covers. Make sure your book cover is professional.

5 – Write a good product description. Your description should include:

  • Type
  • Number of words
  • Author biography
  • Opinions

6 – Select the platform where you will sell your book. You can sell your e-book as a member of Membership is initially charged only $10. After you become a member, you can sell your book with a certain commission.

Or you can advertise on websites based on the type of book. For example , you wrote a cookbook searched 101 salad recipe and you plan to sell it for $10. You can advertise your e-book to recipes sites and pay $50 commission for 20 sales. In this way, you will gain $150 from 20 sales. The higher the number of websites you contract, the higher your earnings will be.

Also, if you plan to write an e-book in English, you can download it directly from Kindle at . For iPad, Sony, Kobo (Borders) and Barnes & Noble, go to . Remember Kindle and Smashwords sell books in different formats.

7 – Advertise your eBook . Get involved in social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and get a website. Can be in your blog and newsletter.

Other ways to advertise your ebook:

  • Put the passages of other authors in the back sections and ask them to do the same.
  • Search various e-book groups online.
  • Put a link to your e-book in your e-mail signature.
  • Create online visibility by participating in blog comments and forums.

Question: Do I need a representative?

Answer: You don’t need a representative to publish your own e-book. However, we advise you to have a representative.

Question: If I am going to publish my books myself, why should I be my representative?

Answer: In the past, you couldn’t have a contract without a representative and without a contract you wouldn’t have a representative. However, the situation has changed since personal publishing began to rise. No representative will represent an e-book unless it is published again in this way.

Print publishers are demanding e-rights and this is a bit dubious. This means that no agent will be interested in representing you unless you give them all your rights to sell. If you sell tons of e-books, you can ask a representative to represent your e-book, but you may need to stop selling your e-books.

Question : Should I stop selling e-books and try printed books?

Answer: Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages on both sides

Advantages of traditional publishing

  • Wide distribution and further disclosure
  • Receiving an advance
  • Editing, editing and cover design
  • Marketing power

Disadvantages of traditional broadcasting

  • The book takes a long time to publish
  • More costly than eBooks
  • Capable of making changes to cover and head
  • A royalty fee is paid twice a year
  • You can’t participate in most decisions about your book
  • Difficult to make changes
  • Low copyright rates
  • Quite difficult to print

Advantages of personal publishing

  • You receive payment once a month
  • You can check the price and cover
  • Promotion is almost instantaneous
  • Making changes is easy
  • All decisions are yours
  • Copyright rates are good
  • Anyone can do personal publishing

Disadvantages of personal publishing

  • No professional proofreading, editing or cover design
  • Sales are lower
  • E-books account for 10% of the book market
  • The potential of bad printed books is even better.

Question: Who should sell e-books?

Answer: If you have old printed books, you can sell them as e-books. You can also sell e-books by writing even if you have no previous experience. For example, if your food is praised by the people around you and you believe that you are a good cook, you can sell your recipes by turning them into e-books. Samples can be duplicated

Question: Will only e-books of well-known authors be successful?

Answer: No. There are a lot of new writers who do it well.

Question: If everyone publishes personally, how will readers find good books?

Answer: There are millions of printed books and readers can find what they are looking for. Adding a few million more to these books doesn’t change anything. There are ways to separate good and evil, and subjective taste always plays a big role.

Question: Can I maintain my life through personal publishing?

Answer: Not many people earn serious money from traditional publishing. Most of them have regular jobs. Initially, you should consider this as an additional business.

Some earn well from personal publishing. But we are sure that many of them will not win. There are many factors that affect this situation.

Humbly we would like to point out that a determined writer who uses good material consistently earns on average better than traditional publishing.

How much do I earn by selling e-books?

Giving precise figures for profit is no more than an exchange of hope. However, in order to give examples from our environment, there are those who earn this amount between $100 – $1000 per month.

We will continue to explore the best additional business opportunities and additional income opportunities for those who want to earn money by doing additional business .

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