Making Money From Youtube

We continue to search for additional job opportunities and ways to make money on the internet for those who say what I can do looking for additional work at home .

Let’s face it, you want to make money the short way. You take a few videos and upload them to YouTube, and you’re dreaming of the money?

And you’re right. In recent years, a British family has shared a 57-second video about their children, and it has earned just over $ 150,000. Why are you the audience for these gains? Whether you look at it as an additional business or as a hobby… You can get a regular income stream on youtube too.

The logic is as follows: If you meet certain conditions, you can add google ads to your videos, and a certain percentage of the revenue generated by your viewers as they click on them is paid to your bank account. On average, you can earn between $0.2 and $2 per 1,000 views.

However, if you think the money will flow to your account after uploading the video, you are wrong. Because that’s not exactly how it works. The money you earn will depend on how much effort you have spent and how much time you have spent improving your YouTube channel.

If you’re willing to work hard to make money from YouTube, stay tuned. I ‘ll tell you step by step how to succeed on YouTube . Let’s look at how to build your target audience, monetize clicks, and generate substantial revenue from YouTube.

How to Make Money From YouTube

Many people will tell you that there are important things in the world than money. Do you know the most important thing? Love.

But if you like money , YouTube is just the medium!

With a channel where you constantly stream videos and a cleverly designed video strategy, you can make more money than you can imagine on YouTube.

Once you reach a certain audience and become a YouTube star, you can experience great excitement. Not only can you deliver the message that you can transfer to people, but you can also be part of a system where money comes spontaneously.

Personally, I’ve earned a huge revenue thanks to the 41 million viewers I’ve reached on another channel. So I’m experienced in how to make money from YouTube.

If you’re ready, sit back and listen carefully to my advice:

Recommended # 1 Draw a Roadmap:

Want to learn how to make money from YouTube? So my first advice is not to focus on making money from YouTube.

When you first open your channel, you don’t want to pay much attention to making money because there is no way to make money quickly from YouTube. You can’t just upload a few videos and expect anyone to spread on the internet.

First, you must form the basis of being a YouTuber worth following. You should upload high-quality content to your channel and look for ways to grow your channel. Only this way you can start making money on your channel. Seriously, YouTube won’t let them make money until the owners prove their determination.

My first advice on making money from YouTube is to draw a roadmap for yourself. There are three things you need to do about this:

Prepare the media

You don’t need the best or most expensive equipment to open a YouTube channel. The camera you have doesn’t matter anyway. The important thing is what you can do with the camera at hand to reflect the content of your own brand. You can even use your smartphone if other options don’t suit you.

What you need to do here is to create a suitable environment where you can shoot quality videos. The two most important principles that make up your quality are:

  • Image balance – Nobody wants to watch shaky, unclear images. You can get a tripod, or if you want to shoot a video with a handheld camera, you should opt for larger lenses or optics.
  • Sound – Never throw sound in the background. Your audience wants to hear you clearly. You should take precautions for sounds that will affect the sound quality. You should try to reduce background noise and, if you need it, you should have a microphone to hear the sound clearly.

You can switch to better equipment over time, but if you want to make a profitable career on the internet and make money from YouTube, you’ll have everything you need to shoot videos that your followers can enjoy.

Plan your process well

I’ll talk about a word I’ve already mentioned, consistency. To expand your YouTube channel, you’ll need to upload videos and stay in touch with your followers. Whether you upload videos every day, several times a week, or biweekly, your viewers need to know when to upload a new video.

As time goes on you will improve yourself in the process of creating videos.  For now, you should pay attention to how you progress from the moment you start creating your video in your mind to the moment it is ready to upload to the channel.

Observe how much time you spend researching, scripting, capturing and editing video, optimizing and sharing. Planning each step will help you improve the video capture process.

You’ll also see how many videos you can take. If your ideas are going to run out in a week, don’t get involved in sharing a video every day. Remember, everything you do should be more than making money, and you should enjoy it.

Get to know and create your brand

Consistency is important on YouTube. You should be consistent not only in your frequency of uploading videos, but also in content.

Every video you shoot should have its own unique side, yes, but they all have a certain line. The basis of your brand should not change.

Adopting your brand thoroughly allows you to produce more realistic, sincere, engaging content.

If you are new in this business, it is an important step to form and embrace your brand. Sometimes even established institutions need to sit down and think about the brand.

Sit down and ask yourself about your brand identity. What are you doing? On what subject do you produce content? Who do you want to reach? What do you want to achieve with your brand? You cannot adopt your own brand, and your followers cannot.

Practical tips:

Open a website to publish your videos and interact more with your audience.

Design a beautiful logo and use it anywhere.

Use your watermark with your logo in your videos.

Imagine a professional intro for your videos.

Customize your Youtube channel to make it look more professional.

Make sure that your content is free of copyrighted material.

One of the most important factors that could lead to your application being rejected is copyright infringement. Therefore, your videos should not contain copyrighted material.

This includes images, graphics, logos, video clips and audio elements. For example, even background music that you use without permission may cause you to be rejected.

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Recommendation # 2 Produce Quality Content:

Quality content is crucial to both your channel’s growth and your likely revenue.

So what do I mean by “quality” content?

In fact, quality content is videos that appeal to your audience’s feelings. You can produce quality content on YouTube in different ways.

Let’s say you want to teach your audience something. Then people need to learn how to do things based on your content.

Or you want to make your audience laugh. In this case, your channel is as good as it entertains people and allows them to escape from the real world.

You may be giving examples of recipes and exercises, showing your viewers the manual work they can do on their own, shooting videos about life coaching, or producing other content. The important point here is to make a difference in the life of your audience .

I’m sure that if your audience gets bored every time they watch your videos, they’ll listen to what they’ve heard hundreds of times before, or if they’re feeling bad, they won’t watch another video.

Before you shoot the next video you will post on your YouTube channel, consider this: Does this video make a difference to the viewer’s life?

Produce quality content that will make your audience feel emotions they have never felt before. As a result, earning a considerable income will depend on your ability to shoot good videos. If you really want to make money from YouTube, you don’t want to be second.

Tip # 3 Build Your Audience:

If no one watches your videos, you can’t make money from YouTube. Successful YouTube channels maintain a loyal and closely-connected audience. So how do you get people to discover and follow you?

Discover your passions

If you want to create a channel where you can make money, go after your passions.

I know a lot of people who have done everything to reach hundreds of subscribers. They want to be famous, make money from YouTube, and eventually forget they have a message they want to share with the world.

People who produce content on YouTube usually appeal to their target audience. Put your ass in the middle, be sharp about emotions, and make videos that you will enjoy while shooting. Showing your enthusiasm is sincerely important for building a loyal audience.

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Check analyzes

Your channel’s menu tab contains analytics from YouTube. Here you can see your followers’ age, gender, location and tracking time. See how many people have watched each video and how your viewers have access to your videos. You can also calculate the estimated revenue from your video once you start making money from the channel.

They help you see which of your videos is appealing to your viewers and which doesn’t. When you find that the content you produce doesn’t reach the right audience or anyone, it’s easy to make the necessary changes and edit your channel.

Intertwined with your followers

If you want to be successful and earn money, you should communicate with your followers. So you have to build a community between you and be close to them.

YouTube’s star, Lilly Sangh, says the relationship between the person who produced the content and the YouTube audience is derin a deeper, more active, closer relationship than a normal one, based on support and trust..

Getting close to your followers shouldn’t be complicated or take your time. You can follow these simple steps:

  • Interact – If you are new, you can comment on any comments you receive. Or even if you like the comment from your follower, you can establish a close relationship between you.
  • Ask questions – Invite your audience to chat. Ask them to write what they like about the videos and what they want to watch on the other videos.
  • Be an active user – Stay close to other YouTubers by watching, liking, and commenting on their videos. This way you can gain more followers and show your audience more about yourself.

Be patient # 4

Producing content to make money on YouTube is a bit like investing. You take the time to make these videos, you spend energy, and most likely your first videos won’t get the success you want.

Even, YouTube will not recognize you until you upload about twenty videos. I have seen many people fail because they did not want to deal with it. They wanted to succeed right away and gave up seeing things on YouTube that they had to sacrifice in order to win.

If you want to learn something from this article, listen to me now:

You should be willing to invest in your channel .

K analysis to start uploading videos when I was almost 30 for every month I have to reach 500,000 to 1 million viewers.

I need to wait a while for a channel that is newly established and needs to develop more, but as the number of videos I upload, the followers will like my page. Get ready right now We can walk together on the road to YouTube stardom!

In the meantime, if you start from scratch, be sure to post at least once a week. 30. You may not feel your channel growing until your video is live. It doesn’t matter, the important thing here is to be patient and upload a lot of videos.

If you upload a video once a week, you can start making money in about 6-8 months. This applies to any business and is an important criterion for YouTube.

Still, I don’t recommend you upload 20 videos once. This won’t give you anything.

Systematically upload videos and make sure there is a period between videos. Identify what works and doesn’t work each time you upload a video. Contact the audience and find out what they like and dislike. Use this information when preparing your other video. Move this way each time. When you get to your 30th video, you will be professional. Your content will hit the target at twelve and you’ll experience audience burst on your channel.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money in the first 6 months, but keep in mind that when you spend time and energy, follow the advice in this article, and you’ll be successful if you’re patient.

Remember, what distinguishes winners from losers is the desire to take action.

Advice # 5 Refer to other marketing methods

Don’t rely solely on YouTube for marketing your videos. The more people reach your content, the more you watch, the more money you make.

Apart from YouTube, the two best ways to get your videos to more people are via mail and social media accounts.

Create a mailing list

The mailing list is the easiest way to communicate with your followers.

I’ve worked with some YouTubers who didn’t have a mailing list before, which is very strange! Even if you have millions of subscribers, mail-oriented marketing will give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your followers.

Use your videos to advertise a simple webpage where you can collect your followers’ email address.

It may be a good idea to build a closer relationship with people who sign up for your mailing list. You can play games with them, gift e-books, and post special videos to the mailing list.

Once you’ve convinced your followers to sign up for the mailing list, email them when you upload new videos. You may be surprised to see your followers who are unaware that you are posting new content, so creating a mailing list can be the most important step you can take to make money on YouTube.

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Advertising on social media

Being involved with social media is very important for your brand. Open an account for your channel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other media where your followers get stuck. Notify your followers here when you upload new videos.

Don’t forget to include a YouTube link in your post.

You can also advertise your video in bookmark sites such as StumbleUpon and PearlTrees. Such sites provide plus social signs for your content.

Recommendation # 6 Search Engine Optimization on YouTube:

We’ve come across many people who want to succeed on YouTube but don’t know much about natural search optimization.

Before capturing video, you must select keywords and phrases to summarize your content.

Here, my keywords were nasıl how to make money from YouTube.. You will see this sentence in the title, description and labels.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization enables you to watch your first video and increase the audience of subsequent videos.

Optimize your videos

Optimizing your videos makes it easy to find possible followers to watch your content. Make sure you do everything you type into the to-do list:

  • Write an interesting title – Your video titles should be short (don’t exceed 70 characters), creative and informative. Give viewers tips on content. Followers who know what to watch will probably watch the video to the end.
  • Add remarkable thumbnails – Adding thumbnails about each of your videos makes your content more professional. Choose pictures and text that are easily accessible because more than half of your followers use the phone.
  • Add comments below your video – YouTube’s search and discovery system depends on the sentences you type in the video description. Try to summarize your content in a few sentences. Google Trends can help you find useful phrases here.
  • Add a link – Don’t forget to include a link to your website, blog, social media accounts or channel newsletters in the comment you’ll type below your video.

Benefit from the AdWords Service

There are lots of channels that attract video, produce rich content, but don’t devote a budget to advertising.

If you want your channel or brand to make money from YouTube, you should invest in the right advertising strategies. An effective advertising strategy allows your channel to grow rapidly and gain followers.

With Google AdWords, you can advertise your channel to YouTube viewers. This way you earn money every time your viewers click on your page.

All you need to do is link your YouTube channel to your AdWords page, create ads, set your budget, and determine the audience you want to reach. You can also put ads inside your video, or create ads that come out of the video or the searched page. If you’d like to learn more about this, I know another article where you can learn everything about reaching more followers through AdWords.

Advice # 7 Ways to Make Money From Youtube:

Whether you want to create a media where you can generate additional revenue, or make YouTube your full-time job like mine, there’s a lot you can do.

The six tips I’ve given so far were about setting up your YouTube channel. You should not ignore these steps if you want to be successful and make money from YouTube and succeed .

However, if your followers grow and you receive between 100,000 and 1,000,000 clicks every month, you’ll probably want to look for ways to make money on your YouTube channel.

In my seventh and final advice, I will talk about different ways to make money on your channel.

Activate Monetization on YouTube

Before you go into detail, you need to enable monetization on your YouTube channel. This way, you can start making money by including ads in your videos.

How to make money from YouTube:

1. Open your own channel on YouTube.
2. From the account button in the top right corner , click Settings .
3. Then click the Content Studio button again from the account button in the upper right corner.
4. Select Channel> Status and properties from the menu on the left .
5. Enable monetization .
6. Follow the steps and agree to YouTube’s terms.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to create a Google AdSense account to join Google’s ad network. Anyone who uploads videos to YouTube can sign up for AdSense after they reach 1,000 followers and 4000 hours of views over the past year .

Now that you’ve done all this, you can now start adding ads to your videos. So Google pays you every time people watch these ads.

Revenue from advertising can be an easy way to make money. However, when you consider the other concepts in this article, you will see that this will constitute a very small portion of your income.

Sell ​​brand products

As your channel grows and you gain followers, you will find that people are keen to buy products related to your brand.

I’ve been a relationship coach for many years. The reason I opened my ownchannel was to increase my visibility on the Internet. I can give free advice from the virtual world through my channel, which attracts the attention of my followers and expects more from me.

When I opened my own website, my followers discovered that there were plenty of products to buy. In addition to these products, I offered them online training, downloadable content and course options. Courses can give you an incredible benefit, and even my work is surviving thanks to them.

YouTube is a tremendous opportunity for such sales. For example, in one of my videos, I talked to my followers about three messages that would allow them to raise their salaries in business. In another video, I mentioned in depth those three messages, but I didn’t forget to include a link to my e-book that I prepared as a guide on the subject.

In this way, I attract the attention of the followers with the videos that I do not put ads in, and then I update and sell the information on my website to them.

Of course you can also sell other things than written content and courses. There are great opportunities for YouTube entrepreneurs. Stickers, clothing, toys, stationery items, coffee cups or other products increase your brand’s visibility and make money on YouTube.

If you can’t decide where to start, I recommend Shopify, an e-commerce platform that can help you create an online store.

Remove your own book

Another great way to make money on YouTube is by writing your own book and advertising it.

People who subscribe to your YouTube channel have already shown interest in what you do. They will also be willing to learn more about you.

If you’re using YouTube for fun (funny or video commentary) or information (tutorial videos, specific industry videos, recipes, or tips), it’s a good idea to write a book for your followers.

Sometimes what you need to do is deliver your content to your followers in different ways.

Believe it or not, writing books can be easier than you think. If you’re not a good writer, you can find freelance writers from sites like Bionluk, Fiverr, Upwork or ProBlogger and print your book to them.

You don’t need a very cool publishing house. You can publish your book online or on your website yourself.

I advise people to write books about their favorite subjects. In this way, you earn money from every book sold and you continue to grow your brand.

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Produce sponsored content

For the last four years, I’ve been receiving emails from institutions that want to sponsor videos on my Youtube channel. I recently decided to accept one of these sponsorship offers.

I was careful doing this because my brand was unique to me. But sponsorship is undoubtedly one of the best ways to grow your channel and earn money. And when you’re a sponsor, you don’t have to share YouTube with your revenue.

As your channel grows, you receive sponsorship offers. But if no one has knocked on your door, you can use influencer marketing agencies. Such platforms are suitable for small channels. You can search and collaborate with companies that want to produce content for them on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

Consider sales partnership

One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube is through a affiliate. So how does the sales partnership work?

Let’s say you’re following a food channel on YouTube. They give incredibly beautiful recipes for chicken broth soup. They put the ingredients in a saucepan and cook for a long time. Then the person who cooks a sentence saying, ”This pot is incredible. I bought it from Amazon a few days ago, it is a very suitable pot for this recipe. I added a link to the bottom of the video. You can click on the link if you want to look. You will not regret.”

This is the sales partnership.

Affiliate is an incredible way to make a profit on YouTube. In fact, according to a recent study, after watching a video, the percentage of people who bought the product was 64%. You advertise a product and add a link to the bottom of the video. In this way, you earn revenue from every sale you make.

There are many programs where you can establish a sales partnership. Amazon Associates is one of the most famous and is expected to be active in our country very soon. You can also try many other companies.

Once your channel is large enough, you can redefine the affiliate concept and use it for advertising rather than generating revenue. I even have a affiliate program for my own channel. People advertise my channel, and I pay them for it.

If you shoot videos where you select the best tutorials, comment on products, or produce content about a particular product, you can contact a sales partner. Thanks to the sales partnership, you can earn thousands of pounds each month with almost no effort.

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More and more people are turning to YouTube to promote their brands and reach more followers. If you put your wealth (and also time and effort) to produce your content, of course   you can earn considerable profits from YouTube.

I make money by sharing my passions through YouTube. We wanted to prepare you a comprehensive guide, so you can start making money on YouTube in 2019.

Tricks to Make Money on Yotube

The first and most important thing you should know is that the videos you produce are about a topic you love. So if you produce videos about a topic that you are not passionate about, you don’t like, you will lose your motivation and interest after a while.

Another issue is the time between two videos that you upload. So you upload a video once a month or once a week? Maybe you want to upload 2 videos a day. The important thing is to streamline the video upload job. So you must have a certain strategy in this regard. If you are regular, people are more likely to subscribe to your channel. Subscribing to your channel means that you have a certain audience. You can think of it as people who have combined tickets at stadiums.

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Make sure your videos are of reasonable duration and quality. If you do not upload videos showing how to do something called “tutorial,, this time should not exceed 6 minutes. Even if you divide your video into parts like “Part 1, Part 2…, it’s a good idea to keep the time short so that content can be consumed quickly. The quick consumption of a video increases its chances of sharing.

For example, a funny 15-minute video is unlikely to be shared. Because time is too long. After specifying that your videos should be short, we need to address other issues. The subject of your videos must be clear. Content and video title must be compatible. You must label the sub-descriptions properly. The sound of the videos should be clear. It must be properly edited. Taking care of them from the beginning will benefit you greatly.

Gain Acceleration

When you upload a video, you are not finished. So you can’t go all the way by pedaling several times. You need to market your videos, more precisely, your video channel. Some of the simplest ways to do this are to respond to comments on your videos, comment on other videos, and share your videos on social media. In summary, you should ensure that more people are aware of your channel.

You can also attract more people to your channel by joining a Youtube Network or playlist. The main goal here is to collect videos on the same theme, reach more traffic and earn more money. For example, if you have a video about “Old Istanbul images”, if you add it to a playlist showing Istanbul 100 years ago, you will reach more people.

However, it may be necessary to pay a fee to enter such playlists. Or you may be asked to fulfill some requirements. However, it is not always necessary to enter the playlist. First of all, you should produce your own content and try to make money on your own. You may not even need a system called Network when you get the momentum on your own.

To summarize, if you want to produce good videos, choose your favorite topics. Find your special talent and produce content through this theme. This is the best way to start making money on Youtube!

Youtube is a great additional revenue opportunity for those who want to make money from the internet. Do not waste time to evaluate this additional income opportunity that we recommend to you. Good luck!

For those looking for additional income at home , we will continue to explore additional business opportunities and ways to make money online .

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