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We continue to explore the most realistic additional business opportunities and additional income opportunities for those who want to earn money by doing additional business.In this article, we’ll talk about an additional business where you can make money from your seat and it’s becoming very popular. Making money by writing.

In most developed countries, writing and reading skills are taught to people from an early age. Although these skills spread to the whole society, only a small literary community writes well enough to make a profit. Some authors write part time to earn additional revenue, while other authors create full-time content by creating publishable content. Whether you consider it as an additional job or a full-time job, you can earn considerable money by writing if you think your writing skills are good enough. To learn how to make money by writing, we recommend that you read the following suggestions.

How to make money by writing?

1 – Start with the blog. If you want to make money by writing articles, don’t start with a personal blog. Instead, create a blog where you can help people by solving certain problems. For example, you can start a blog about gardening and teach others how to do gardening. Or, if you are confident about cooking, you can open a blog where you share your recipes. Just be interested in the topics you write on the blog.

You don’t become a millionaire a night by starting blogging, but if you take the time and make an effort you can make a big income. Revenues from blogs are mostly derived from advertising programs (eg Google Adsense), affiliate marketing programs, and direct sales of personal products (eg e-books or software).

2 – Write for other sites. You can also make money by writing content for others’ sites. Writing is the most popular way of making money. You can write articles on the desired topics by doing research according to the subject of the site. Since you will write informative articles in general, you will be asked to write articles with an average length of 300-500 words. Your earnings are also calculated over 100 words. It is an important criterion that your articles are filled with fluent and useful information. Depending on the quality of your articles, you can earn 1 $ out of 100 words.

3 – Write greeting cards. If you have a natural ability to write beautiful poems and interesting prose, you can try writing holiday and greeting cards. Search for greeting card companies on the internet to learn style requirements and delivery guidelines.

4 – Write for magazines and newspapers. Recently, especially with the explosion of the internet, the printed publication market has started to shrink. Nevertheless, the market itself is still large and the author is needed. If you’re good at writing educational tracks, reports, reviews, or expert opinions, you can try the print jobs.

There are still full-time positions in the magazine and newspaper markets, but the demand for freelance writers is increasing rapidly.

5 – Write fictions and buy. This market ranges from short stories to single novels and epic multi-book series. It doesn’t have to be fantasy, suspense, emotional and enigmatic. You can consider this option if you want to tell stories.

In fact, the traditional way is to sell the post to the publisher. Another way is to find literature agents. After the literature agents complete your story, they will do all the work for you. In recent years it has become a viable option for authors who cannot find publishers in personal publishing

6 – Write for comedians. Some people are humorous and understand the secrets of humor very well, they know how to make people laugh, but they don’t trust themselves on the stage. If you are one of these people, you can write and sell stories and jokes for comedians.

7 – Prepare resumes for other people. People looking for work need updated and polished resumes. If you are competent at writing credible resumes, you can offer counseling and edit and change their resumes.

8 – Be a travel writer. Most people who like to travel are travel writers. Travel writers write articles about their journeys and tell the inside of places and places they visit. Many travel writers write full-time for travel magazines and online publications.

9 – Buy your services as a writing coach. If you really know the depths of writing and have the ability to teach, you can become a writer coach by combining these two qualities. You can organize authoring workshops on specific topics and train multiple people at the same time.

10 – Make article translations. If you can speak many languages ​​fluently, you can serve as a writer and translator and make money. For example, if your English and French are good, you can try translating English novels into French.

To start making money right away

Those who want to start making money on the internet by writing articles, can leave comments on our article provided that they can allocate how much time for this job and share their experiences, if any. In this way, necessary directions will be made for the willing and suitable people. In addition, people in need will be able to reach them easily. Please do not forget to write your own e-mail address.

Warning: Choosing words carefully, using fluent language and not making mistakes will be the best reference for you.

We will continue to explore the best additional business opportunities and profitable additional income opportunities for those who ask what additional business can do .

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