Make Money From Twitter

Twitter is a social media network with more than 300 million users operating since 2006. Many of the Twitter users are businesses.These businesses use Twitter to track their customers and provide customers with information about their brands and campaigns.

If you have a twitter account and a substantial audience, you can earn considerable money from Twitter. However, you can make this possible by considering it as a serious additional business. If you take 1 or 2 hours a day for your twitter account and take the right steps, you may have additional income such as 100 – 200 $ per month after an average of 2-3 months. In this article, we will tell you about the ways to make money from Twitter and the tricks you should pay attention to.

How to make money from Twitter?

1- Become an expert Twitter user. Anyone who has not developed Twitter skills cannot make money from Twitter. You should be able to increase your number of followers, manage multiple accounts and create attractive twits.

2- Gain experience in marketing. To make money, you need to understand concepts like internet marketing plans, customer creation and affiliate marketing. You must have an internet site.

3- Use Twitter for your trading account. Social media accounts are an ideal tool that websites can use to create customers or demand. Use search result strategies or offer campaign, free content and free trial services if the user clicks on the Twitter link and opens an account. You can make money by sending product offers to customers’ interests.

4- Use your blog and Twitter account to become an affiliate marketer. Find products that people read in your blog that interest them. Then contact the companies selling these products and share the link of the products on your website.

People get a share from product sales by advertising products on their websites through sales partnership system. If the marketing activities are done correctly, the producers of the products are advertised and the sales partners receive a percentage of the sales on a monthly basis.

5- Search for sponsored twits via Internet search engines. Most companies look for popular Twitter users who will share their products on their pages. Contact the company, make a deal and earn money through the pay-per-twit system.

Don’t forget to make a written agreement and submit your twit as proof. At the same time, publish your sponsor twits periodically so as not to disturb your followers. If you publish frequently, you will lose followers, your potential sales will decrease and your sponsor advertising agreement may be canceled.

6- For sponsored twits, subscribe to platforms such as, Magpie, TwitPub or Twittad. These sites bring together companies that need sponsor twits and Twitter users who will share these twits on their pages. Open an account and tweet the ad periodically. Payments are usually made through PayPal.

7- Buy your own products. Most people use Twitter to promote the products in the auctions they are going to. You can easily share the shortened link on your Twitter account and get more offers with personal touches.

8- Buy your services via Twitter. Most professionals use Twitter to communicate with others in the industry. This new kind of network helps you build relationships, build partnerships, and sell yourself through your business.

Do not be ashamed to introduce yourself through a professional account because this is a general practice. Advertising yourself will help increase your business in a short time.


Don’t change your Twitter account just to make money. Twitter focuses on the community. If you stop fun, interesting or sympathetic twit, you will lose followers, lose your chances of professional development and ultimately lose your chances of earning money via Twitter.

What you need

  • Marketing experience
  • Sales partnership agreements
  • Sponsored twitler
  • Website or blog

To win immediately from Twitter

If you have a Twitter account with more than 2,000 followers, you can start earning 3-4 tweets a day. To get offers and reach advertisers, you can leave a comment on our article with the address of your twitter account.

We will continue to provide you with ways to make money on the Internet and additional business opportunities.

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