How to Make Money From Youtube?

Do you have a collection of amazing cat videos? Are the videos you took last year so funny? Or are you a specialist in a particular area and making videos?It doesn’t matter what kind of shooting image you have. The way to turn it into money is through Youtube. You can have a nice additional income by uploading videos that you think will be watched on Youtube.

However, don’t think that Youtube is a cow waiting to be milked. Of course there are Youtube users who earn serious money, but it takes time, determination and hard work to earn big money from Youtube.

How can you monetize your Youtube account?

You need to monitor your Youtube account before you start monetizing your videos. To do this, you must be a ortağı YouTube partner. This means that you must allow Google to place ads on your content.

Steps to make money from YouTube

1 – To activate your account for monetization, you must open your Youtube account and enter the account properties. As these systems become official in Turkey yet, you must first change the location. Click on My Channel. Once you’ve entered your profile, click edit on the right and change your city to United States and save it. Then click “ Activate My Account .. You must confirm Google’s terms of service to continue.

To be eligible, your account must be reputable. If you’ve uploaded any copyrighted content or made bad comments while ignoring Youtube’s community guidelines, you won’t be allowed to open your Google videos for monetization.

2 – After confirming the terms of service, your account will be activated and the Make Money From Videos button will appear. After clicking this you will see a screenshot.

At this point, you should decide what kind of ads you want to appear under your videos. Overlay ads are small banners and appear below videos. TrueView (in-stream) ads play before your video starts. Choosing both types at the same time is not the right approach. You can switch from one ad type to another based on the content of your video.

Think about the type of content you’re working with and be aware of your audience. If your video is an educational video showing how to catch a goat or tie a tie, viewers will most likely watch the ad to the end. If your video is fun and nonsense, it makes more sense to use Overlay ads because if TrueView ads appear, viewers can switch to another video. Don’t stress about which ad is more effective. You can change the settings at any time. To determine which is the best, you should follow the follow-up and clicks on the Adsense page.

3 – Confirm your ad selection. Good luck. Your videos should have a dollar symbol. The next thing you do is associate your adsense account with your youtube channel. You can easily do this from the Adsense relationship page.

No problem if you don’t have an Adsense account :

  1. You will first be redirected to your google account,
  2. Enter your password and sign in,
  3. You confirm the association,
  4. After entering the required information you will be redirected to Youtube

4- Reach 1,000 followers and 4000 hours of viewing time. If you meet these two requirements within 1 year, the ads will become active and you will be able to start making money.


In order for Adsense to give you money, you must first fill the lower limit. This means that you cannot receive your payment without saving at least $ 100. If you do not reach this limit at the end of one month, your earnings will be transferred to the next month. And next month, until next month, until we reach the lower limit. It may take a few weeks or a few months to reach the lower limit, depending on the popularity of your videos.

After all, you want to be famous on Youtube

Don’t we all want this? Unfortunately, not everyone can do it. However, there are several ways to make your content attractive. Here are a few tips on creating content that people want to watch:

Do something original. You cannot proceed by copying what others do. Even if you earn a little money, you can’t be popular for long. For example, there are numerous Harlem Shake videos. Of course, they all became popular for a minute, but if you’re late keeping up with the herd and you’re not up to date, you’ll only get a few dozen visibility.

If you want to go viral, videos need to get people’s attention in the first 10-15 seconds. Attention on the Internet is very short. So if you want your videos to be watched, you need to hook it up well.

If you want your YouTube videos to be your source of revenue, you should regularly generate a series of content to attract the attention of your subscribers. You can’t earn just one video. Therefore, prepare ongoing series.

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5 tips from moneymakers on Youtube

An entrepreneur’s biggest dream is to derive income from something he enjoys doing. Youtube is currently used by hundreds of millions of people a day. However, some of the people who produce content on Youtube take their work or business to a higher level through their followers on the site.

In fact, it all starts with great enthusiasm and business ethics. Pastry shop Rosanna Pansino, fitness instructor Casey Ho, and Joey Zehr with couple Kate Albrecht producing self-build videos; He gives some advice to people who want to move from Youtube to entrepreneurship, you will read them in this article. But first of all, let’s get to know these people a little.

Fitness and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho uploads a few videos and blogs on Youtube kan Blogitales hafta every week. There is also a book about pilates. Cassey Ho, which also has a clothing brand called POPFLEX Active, prepared two different collections this year upon the intense demand for clothes.

You will now read some of these creative people’s recommendations for success in business:

1. Stability is a must. Rosanna Pansino started filming in front of the camera in order to be more comfortable and realized that baking things like bread / cake was just for her. Olmak When shooting videos, being original is more important than anything else. I’ve enjoyed cooking things since childhood. Every video I shoot reminds me of the good old days I spent with my family, P Pansino says. “The determination is very, very important. Since 2012, I have uploaded videos to my channel every Tuesday. I haven’t missed it once. It’s not just about uploading content on a regular basis, but also keeping in touch with your followers. ”

Whether Cassey Ho is preparing a new work program, designing for a clothing brand, or making videos; yorum This is very important, or he says. The most important part of our business. We have to offer something to people, followers. If we don’t listen to their voice, we won’t do our job properly. We try to produce content according to their ideas. If we ignore them, we would have made a big mistake in terms of business. ”

2. Do not think that your work is wasted. There is a serious preparation for Pansino before making colorful cookies. Pansino works for about 80 hours for one episode. This includes editing images taken from the process of finding ideas. In the meantime, he shopped for ingredients, pre-tested some recipes and spent 3 to 6 hours during the shooting phase. In a nutshell, these Youtubers say, try to serve every purpose that you do.

3. Think well when the partnership offers. Cassey Ho opened Blogilates in 2009. “Women enjoy working with me because they work comfortably in their own homes, or she says. No need for a gym or special equipment. ”

However, those who want to learn the techniques Cassey Ho has shown can see something other than Ho’s videos as a result of a new partnership agreement. In 2015, Ho signed a contract with “24 Hour Fitness şirket to give lectures in the gyms. In fact, the company has 400 gyms throughout the US. I mean, Ho can’t go anywhere, but coaches who learn Ho’s techniques can give people the same training.

When it comes to partnering with another brand, Ho says it is of paramount importance whether the work is providing benefit to its followers. He says that partnership doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t benefit followers. If you want to carry your name alongside a brand, you have all the rights to your work. When communicating with people, speak with your own voice, not with a corporate identity.

When the content you produce becomes popular, the opportunities you may find may be very attractive and frightening. But Pansino advises you not to underestimate what you do and to be brave. “I think everyone has a different view of the partnership. I take care to build lasting relationships with brands and other content producers. If the offers do not suit me, I give 95% no. It may be tempting to work with the first brand that comes with the offer, but don’t underestimate yourself when you’re partnering with it. Don’t drop your stamp.”

4. Youtube channel is just the beginning. Cassey Ho says the competition is bold and a Youtuber can only succeed if it is authentic. Irim I trust my own creativity and vision. I do this with my videos. Many people have original ideas, but these ideas are of little value when not put into practice. I like to take risks. I’m willing to fail. Failure is the most efficient part of the learning process. There is no progress without error.

5. Try to add something to yourself and your followers. Ans My basic philosophy was to produce the kind of content I wanted to watch, P says Pansino. I didn’t set up my Youtube channel for business. Almost popular all Youtubers work to produce content on Youtube that does not start purposefully. First you need to produce useful and fun things. After you have done that, you are already finding success and money. ”

Ho says, “Content producers need to step back and see if their work adds value to people’s lives. If you consider producing content as a business, it must be special and unique. It is also important that people know what you produce, how you produce it, if you want to make it a business. ”

We will continue to provide the necessary information and support on how to make money to those who want to make money from Youtube .

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