Ways to Become Celebrity on YouTube

If you want to be famous on YouTube, you need to attract attention with your unique personality and show love to your subscribers. Establishing good relationships with your audience and being yourself will help you get into the YouTube. The explanations below will help you create a successful channel and entertain thousands of subscribers.

1 – Create a whisper

Be aware of developments. If you make news that everyone talks about and researches online, or videos related to popular culture, you’ll become popular sooner. Keep up with popular topics and make and upload videos about new news once or twice a day.

Respond and parody. Select and respond to a famous YouTube video. Provisions and parodies are very popular and one of the best ways to take advantage of other people’s success. People will see your video while searching for popular videos. The creators of the original videos love their counterparts and parodies.

Use the right tags so your video doesn’t get lost on the internet.

Collaborate with famous YouTubers. Try to meet famous people or get in touch with some of your favorite people via YouTube or Twitter. Ask if they can prepare a joint video with you. This is one of the best ways to get more known and stand out in the YouTube community. A lot of people get famous this way.

When you make contact with someone, give this person a great idea to create a partner video. Make sure you have something attractive to make the partnership happen.

Try to collaborate with people whose style and audience look like yours. This way you can grab the audience of others.

Never turn down someone who wants to talk about you or asks you for help. The YouTube community helps each other and shares their assets.

If you are collaborating with a YouTuber, choose a theme where everyone can be equally involved in the video.

Always add new content. If you create interesting videos that have original content and relate to the lives of your audience, you will eventually become known. Never give up after a few months and even if you’re not famous in a year or two. Keep making videos.

2 – Contact the audience

Make your channel look impressive. The appearance of your channel will affect your success positively or negatively. Therefore, make sure the image is attractive. Add a short description to give viewers information about the content you offer.

Update your channel’s visuality and description as you create new videos. Don’t let your channel be stagnant.

Add links to other websites to your channel description to promote yourself online.

Tag your videos. This section is important – without the right tags, no one can find their videos. After you upload a video to your channel, select the descriptor and custom tags. You don’t want to use the same tags as everyone else. Otherwise, your video will not be noticed.

Choose keywords to include in your video – don’t mislead viewers with irrelevant keywords.

Use both public and private labels for further viewing. Tag the names of people you’re talking about and add keywords related to the events you’re talking about.

Promote your videos only to people you know. Don’t tell people to watch your video. This is a big roughness in the YouTube world. Try to improve your relationships with people and allow the audience to form naturally. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you’re determined, you’ll end up reaching the end.

Share your videos through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Never disturb people by sharing your video links on their walls or comments.

Talk to your subscribers. Respond to any person who leaves you comments to gain popularity. This is one of the best ways to build new relationships with your subscribers. If someone left you a nice message, come in! If he asked for advice, give him advice. Be generous and sincere and impress more people. Here are other ways to contact your subscribers:

Open a Twitter account and follow the people who follow your YouTube channel. Contact them as much as possible.

Watch other people’s channels. YouTube is a community and if you want to be popular you need to join it. Communicate with other people through messages, Twitter, and other ways. Please give positive feedback.

Be sure to watch the videos before you leave a comment. If you fake, people will understand.

Keep in mind your own audience while dealing with other channels. Like the videos you think your audience will like.

Make new videos at least once a week. If you want to keep your viewers in hand, you need to update your channel frequently. If possible, do this according to a schedule. This way, people know when to see new content. Make high-quality videos and deliver something original every time.

Among the new videos, like other people’s videos and advertise other content so that your subscribers will be distracted until the next video is ready.

Take care of your subscribers throughout the week, not just on the day you post videos.

3 – Make great videos

Be real. Are you fun? Are you striking? Or are you sweet and cheerful? Whatever your unique personality, show it in your videos. Be the same as your friends and family, and so be your videos. Otherwise, your audience will look for reality and entertainment elsewhere.

You may get angry when making a video for the first time – it’s normal. If it helps, think of the camera as your friend, sister or brother.

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. If you are surprised to talk or say something that is not very fun, your audience will feel closer to you. People don’t follow YouTube to find polished Hollywood stars. Be sincere.

Don’t copy the style of other people. Find and focus on your original features.

Give your audience something beautiful. If you watch the most popular YouTube videos, you’ll see each one offering something interesting. Some offer great music, while others give valuable advice. What will you offer for people to watch? Keep this in mind when making your videos.

What is your area of ​​expertise? Your own life is a good starting point. Give advice based on what you are experienced. How did you become the most popular girl in school? How do you make money? How do you play the guitar? How do you straighten your wavy hair?

Offer options. Are you dealing with world politics, popular culture, sports or music?

Give me something to make people laugh. Make jokes, show your pet’s quirks, parody someone’s video, or imitate someone famous.

Make clear what you think and make eye contact. You need to speak clearly as if you’re in front of any audience and make eye contact with your YouTube viewers. Look directly at the camera and speak openly.

Get the quality of your videos. This is YouTube. Nobody expects your video to be perfect, but if the lighting and sound are bad, people will switch to other videos. Use a smooth camcorder for good video quality. There are also some phones with good video features. No matter what type of camcorder you’re using, increase your video quality by following:

Turn off the lights for indoor shots. This brightens the image and makes everything look more colorful and interesting. Experiment in various parts of the room until you are satisfied with the image. Make sure your face is clearly visible.

Eliminate background noises. Turn off the air conditioner, mute your dog and turn off the television in the other room. These sounds will reduce the quality of your video.

Edit your videos. Use Movie Maker or other video editing software to improve the quality of the video and make it more interesting. Try reducing video lengths to 4-5 minutes – longer, people get bored. Note these points when editing your videos:

Use tools to illuminate the video. Videos should not be dark and gloomy.

Discard boring sections. Cut pauses, dull expressions, coughs, offsets and other boring intervals to speed up and make the video interesting.

Use text and music to add something from yourself. This is not a requirement, but you can add background music and text to your videos to add charm.

Don’t complete your videos without adding nice titles and descriptions.


Make use of trailers if you plan to play sketches or games. Parodies are also very popular. Be creative and original. Make efforts for your content.

In the middle of each video, YouTube takes a picture and uses it as a preview. It’s called a little video picture. Most people decide to watch the video based on this thumbnail. So make sure this picture is interesting.

Add annotations: if the box is in neon colors, you can attract people’s attention. You can also link annotations to other videos.

If you are going to make game videos, let them be fun and short.

Add a channel trailer. Put cool music and show people what you’re doing. Don’t shoot a 10-minute video saying “Hi, I’ve shot a video about my name (X) and ()). Be creative and express yourself clearly.

Let your videos be attractive, not ordinary. You can add a little accent, humor or style. You can also add a striking ending. Make sure the videos are friendly and inviting. If your style is sincere and inviting, you will have more subscribers.

Don’t be selfish and arrogant when you’re popular. Keep in mind that your fans and viewers are the ones that will keep you on top.

Let each video look fun! Use background music, sound effects, repetitive fun scenes in slow motion, color changes and make sure your background is tidy.

Don’t tell people to subscribe to your channel. If you say “please subscribe to my channel insanlar, people will feel under pressure. Say something like “If you like this video, rate it and subscribe for more”.

Use popular songs, but don’t forget to consider copyright.

Find a short, attractive and unique name. Be yourself and make fun!

Be sure to do what you do before you start shooting videos. If you do something you don’t like or have no purpose for, you’ll waste time. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Sing songs or be a beauty guru?

If you screw things up while shooting your first video, try again. Keep trying even if it takes an hour.

If a channel’s banner looks professional, its content is good.

You can get ideas from YouTube videos, but not whether your videos are the same or similar to other videos. If viewers notice this, they won’t like or comment on your videos.

Don’t be too far from the camera. This lowers the quality of your video and you have difficulty hearing your own voice. Make sure you are at the right distance.

Try to make your videos fun.

Don’t talk too abusive because some people might be uncomfortable with it. Avoid racist rhetoric and homophobic explanations.

Trust yourself. You may not be good at computer games, but you can be a good football player. Shoot videos about what you do best.

Be sure to edit your videos. Make your videos interesting.

Be yourself and never copy videos of other famous YouTubers.


Be aware of copyright infringement.

Do not provide specific information about yourself, such as your address.

Don’t post anything you think is inappropriate, like pornography. People may be uncomfortable and complain about the video.

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