What is Twitch? How To Make Money With Twitch?

He likes to play games and are looking for ways to make money out of it?

Do you know that you can make money by sharing the videos of the games you play on platforms like Twitch?

If you’re wondering how to make money by playing games at Twitch, which has become one of the most popular social media platforms with 100 million views per month, this article is for you.

What is Twitch?

Priority Twitch let us explain how a platform. Twitch is actually a niche and specific website. You may not have heard of this site even though you are playing crazy games on the computer, this is normal.

To put it briefly, Twitch is a medium where gamers publish game videos and their own images in “video” format. A person entering the site sees your game and your reactions by watching these videos. So it is an experience to sit next to a person playing Counter Strike in the internet cafe and watch the game…

Video game companies have their own Twitch channels. Here they organize competitions, events and broadcast live. Twitch also has an international event called TwitchCon every year.

Now let’s look at the issue of the publisher.

How to Open a Twitch Account?

As a person playing video games you can turn yourself a channel on Twitch. This allows you to stream the game you play, either on the computer or on the Playstation (Xbox). For this, you usually need to record both the game’s video and show your own face via webcam. People should also hear your comments while playing. Using the lapel microphone improves the sound quality.

So the Twitch channel has three main components: the game itself, your image and your comments. This means you need a computer (or game console), a webcam or a camera, and a microphone.

Twitch channels are active for 24 hours. So you don’t have to play for 24 hours. You can also enlarge your channel by uploading previously recorded videos. But the general logic in Twitch is that you play video games live and people watch them live.

In this respect, Twitch can be a side-effort for you, an addition to your hobby e-Sports career or a full-time job .

Setting up a Twitch account only takes a few moments. You can even sign up with your Facebook account. Whether you’re going to play from a computer or a Playstation will cause minor differences in the broadcasting procedure, but you can access the information you need through Twitch or Youtube for whatever you can think of.

Followers Winning Methods in Twitch

After you open the Twithc channel, you are now ready to broadcast. First of all, it is very important that you decide your style.

  • Are you going to have a serious style?
  • Want to create a humorous channel?
  • Do you want to introduce a game to the audience or just play?
  • What kind of audience do you want to have?
  • Are you going to play war games or football games?
  • Your main goal is to be the funniest player or the best player?

You have to answer these questions. Just making a video broadcast is not the only way to earn followers. With the chat feature in Twitch, you can chat with people watching your videos and make them get to know you better. Answering the questions in a friendly and helpful way will give you a solid audience.

Another important issue to be successful at Twitch is the games you will play. If you play millions of people like Counter Strike, PES 2019, PUBG today, it will be hard to stand out in Twitch. Because it is already a world player, playing these games. However, if you play niche and specific games that few people play, you are more likely to stand out.

Methods of Making Money from Twitch

How do you think 1.7 million channel owners who are broadcasting on Twitch make money from this?

Twitch basically makes money from gaming companies by advertising various games. A gaming company advertises the new game on Twitch and pays the site for it.

The players also give some of the money they earn from their own channels to Twitch. So there’s a Twitch outage. You can also control how many ads you want to show on the Twitch dashboard for one hour. (An average of 3 ads per hour is common.)

You share the advertising revenue from Twitch with people who visit your channel and watch your videos. The money you earn is also credited to your Paypal account.

In addition, Twitch is an Amazon website, so you can share the Amazon link to buy the games you play on your channel, and when you buy a game through this link, you get a commission. This is called the Amazon Affiliate Program.

If people entering your channel use ad-blocking plug-ins, such as Adblock, they’re less likely to see ads on your channel. This reduces your chances of earning money.

In addition to advertising revenue, there are different ways to make money at Twitch. If you have a solid channel and an audience, various brands will want to sponsor you. So, for example, a brand that produces a game keyboard, you reach the game and use that brand’s keyboard in the game can pay 1000 dollars per video. Similarly, a gaming company may pay you to play the game they developed. Such things are quite possible. It would also make sense to not tell such followers directly to your followers.

In addition, when your audience increases, you can sell T-shirts, mouse, headphones or anything you can think of under your own brand. You can do it alone or through the Twitch Partnership Program.

Finally, there is another method: Your followers can donate to you. So a person having fun watching your videos, you can send 100 pounds for coming from within. If you activate the donation feature in Twitch and open a Paypal account, you can also receive donations from your followers.

Twitch Partner Program

We have touched upon the basic issues of Twitch. Now let’s take a look at the Twitch Partner Program, which you can apply after you have a serious audience.

This program allows people who watch your videos to subscribe to your channel and you will earn money from it. For this you need to share your earnings with Twitch. But as a result of this program, people who subscribe to your channel will not make money even if they do not watch your videos that month. With this program you can sell your own products more easily, you can improve your video quality.

People who subscribe to your channel by paying $ 5 per month can watch extra videos that only payers can watch as a result of this payment and chat with you privately. There are even special emojis available to subscribers.

Twitch currently has 1.7 million video publishers and around 12,000 partners. So being a partner is not as easy as you think, but Twitch tells you in detail what you need to do to become a partner. In short, chatting with the audience, building a solid audience, finding creative ways to stand out from the crowd up increases your chances of becoming partners.

The basic prerequisites on the partnership application page are as follows:

  • At least 500 people must watch a live game.
  • There should be at least 3 publications at certain times of the week.
  • Twitch’s terms of service must be fully respected.

Switching from Youtube to Twitch

It started over Youtube, sharing game videos, broadcasting live games. But over time, many people switched from Youtube to Twitch.

If you already have a good audience on Youtube, you don’t have to start everything from scratch when you switch to Twitch. You can apply for the Twitch partnership program even when you are active on Youtube and do not know a single publication on Twitch.

For this on Youtube;

  • On average, 15,000 people should watch your live game videos.
  • You must have 100,000 subscribers.
  • You must comply with the terms of use of the Twitch service.


If you enjoy playing computer games, you can turn this hobby into an additional source of income. If you are lucky enough, determined and passionate, it is also possible to make great fortunes!

You don’t have to leave your full-time job to start broadcasting on Twitch. You can also gain a certain momentum over time by broadcasting for several hours in the evening.

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