12 ways to make money on the website

Get ready to learn how to make money from websites. Many people want to make money on their websites, but if you don’t know how, you’re in the right place.

The answer varies depending on the size of your website, the innovation of your website, the niche you choose and your goals. There are several ways to make money on the Internet, and you can continue reading the article to determine which technique is right for you.

There are many methods that have been tried for years. Some of these methods work, and some of them cause time loss. If you’ve tried something and it didn’t work, let it go. There are a lot of people who fail online. This is not because the websites or ideas are bad, but because they leave the struggle early.

Remember nice things take time.

Here are the ways to make money from your website:

1 – Buy ad space

Placing advertisements on websites is one of the most common ways of making money from websites, and there are different ways.

If you want to sell ad space, you’ll need to master your site because you’ll earn between $ 50 and $ 500 per month, depending on where you place ads on your site. If your site is getting traffic or if you have an industry-based website, try to sell a small advertising space at the highest possible price.


Offers guaranteed income

You can make money with a little effort

A great way to communicate with other people in the industry


Eliminates user experience

If you set a monthly price, you won’t be able to make more money even if your traffic doubles

Advertisers come and go and so they need to spend time editing, adding, deleting and finding more advertisers

2 – Sales services

Sales services are one of the most popular ways to make money, and one of the most common reasons people start blogging. You need more traffic to attract more customers, and blogs are ideal for that.

The easiest way to start selling ads on your blog is to open a new page in WordPress and name it “ad.” Enter information about your services in this section and add the import button now.


You get quick feedbacks, people notice your blog and want more!

Very profitable

It is easy

Refunds are low


It takes time to get the money

Customers are always right (even if we know this is not true)

It will happen when you have no customers!

3 – Collect and market emails

This is one of the most favorite methods because it is quite powerful.

Creating an email list saves you money. It allows you to build a solid brand and, of course, allow visitors to visit your site over and over again. You can make money through email marketing by using different methods such as direct email promotions and sending free reports.

One of the popular methods is the que squeeze page ”application. “Squeeze page adır is a destination page designed for e-mail address collection with prior permission from possible followers. The purpose of the Squeeze page is to have more users join the mailing list. If you want to create an exciting squeeze page, you can search Optimizepress.

For email marketing you must first open your Aweber account.


One of the most direct ways of marketing

An email can save you thousands

Easy and simple


Promotions can have a negative impact on followers

You must always create leads

Visitors come and go

4 – Advertise your product as an affiliate

One of the most popular options is product promotion

Combining banners that promote email marketing and affiliate products will bring great results.

There are many ways to find products for your website. You can start a sales partnership by becoming a member of XCommerce.


You can win big bucks

If you do the promotions correctly, the feedbacks will be high


Gain is not guaranteed. You earn $ 100 a month and $ 1,000 the next month

Good products are converted to ridiculous sales pages

You will not always find good products to advertise

5 – Offer membership site or exclusive content

This technique is becoming more and more popular.

There are followers who pay for special content. Often there is free content that catches the attention of followers, and followers who want to learn more about the content pay for it. PSDtuts is one of the best examples of this. Followers watch free videos about Photoshop. You need to upgrade your memberships to see more photoshop files and expert tutorials.

First you have to decide what to offer visitors. You should then design an area where they can log in and see the information you sell.


Monthly Monthly Income and Monetization

Install and forget

Sales partners will increase your traffic!


You will have to work hard during the installation

You’ll need to work regularly to publish more content

6 – Create and buy your own digital product

The number of people who make their own products is increasing day by day. The simplest way to create a product is to create a 30+ page word document on any topic, convert it to PDF and sell it.

First, find out what people are curious about and want to know about. Then create a product and buy it!

If your initial goal is to earn a small amount, we recommend using payment systems such as PayPal for service sales. Once you’ve grown business and started selling more, it’s a good choice to use Clickbank, which handles all orders and allows you to have sales partners.


Affiliates will increase your traffic

Affiliates help you get passive income

It’s a great opportunity to build a brand

Great source of earnings


Installation takes time

7- Buy content lists

Although this technique is not very common, we think it will be popular soon.

If you ask us, this is the smartest way to sell advertising. Instead of putting ads in the sidebar of your website, you can place a guide with links to different companies and websites in the industry. For example, if you get a monthly fee and there are 1000 people in the directory, you can charge 3 $ and earn 3,000 $.

This technique is very useful for readers. For example, you can reserve a section for photographers, where they can talk about their services or find the right people to take pictures to put in their portfolio of models.

You can add ads to your blog and promote your content list, just like in business dashboards.


Very profitable

Useful for readers

Lets you attract attention by doing something different

Nearly guaranteed revenue opportunity


Installation is costly

Smaller websites won’t work

8 – Organize web-based seminars and buy something

Organize free web-based seminars once a week, and then buy paid seminars. After you complete the web-based seminar series, you will have a product and you can sell it as a course.


High price, few customers

Readers may want to contact you

Very useful for product buyers

One of the most effective ways of teaching


It takes time to convert money if you organize live seminars

You must invest in software

People need to meet certain hours and it is difficult to set different time intervals

9 – Publish books

Many people want to write books even if they don’t have a target audience.

Opening a blog can help you build a brand, contact other people in the industry, understand what people like to read and, more importantly, understand what people don’t like.

Publishing books helps you get a product out later, because people always want more. When you publish a book, you are automatically considered an expert. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t sold more than one order. You can make money by consulting.

There are many different ways to publish books. Most people publish their books themselves, but publishers can find you if you have a successful blog. If you know someone who has a blog and is considering publishing a book, help this person so that they can help you later.


Allows you to be seen as authority

Provides long-term profit

You can increase your income through counseling

Make money by speaking at events


It will be expensive or time consuming if you have a ghost writer

Does not save much money on its own

10 – Organize live trainings and workshops

You can sell live training, workshops and seminars on your blog just like consulting and selling services.

Organizing a workshop means that readers learn something from you. This is a very attractive offer and people are willing to pay high money for it.

Not only do you earn money from the ticket, but you will also benefit from future workshop sales. If there are speakers and these speakers sell in the last section, you will receive 50% of the collected money. By registering this event, you can sell it as a product through your blog.

Organizing events can be intimidating but not as difficult as you think. Talk to a hotel, book a conference room, create a blog post and send it to everyone on your email list.

Remind the event every day until you increase demand. Other than that, all you have to do is prepare slides. You can also deal with someone to do it.


You can make a lot of money

Convert to product

People can invite you to your events so you can sell your own products

Allows you to become an authority


Takes time

Selling is sometimes difficult

Stressful for first time experimenters

11 – Buy your website

This is the best technique we’ve talked about, and it helps you make more money

You can make money by selling your website.

Websites are usually sold for 12-24 months’ revenue. However, if your website is outdated, is talking about a unique topic or is considered an authority within the sector, you can specify the number you want.

Work hard and don’t call money.

Please note that if you are going to sell your website for two years’ income and earn $ 5,000 monthly on your website, you should sell it for $ 120,000. However, you should consider how long it takes to set up and set up your business.


Opportunity to earn large amounts

Can be sold in one month

Even if you don’t work for a few years, you can earn enough to make a living.


You will no longer have an internet site.

12- Sign up for Adsense

With Google adsense, you can run google ads on your site and you can earn good money. In this system, you will receive 68% of the revenue because you run the ads of google advertisers on your site. So google gives you $ 68 from an advertising gain of $ 100 and gets yourself $ 32. Google is only an intermediary here.

With Google adsense, you can earn 4 or 5 digit earnings per month, depending on the number of visitors to your site.


You can earn high and regular income.

Your payments will be credited to your bank account each month.


You may not be accepted into Adsense. To be accepted, you must first make your site qualified and comply with the requirements.

Once accepted, your membership may be canceled in case of a minor violation.

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