Making Money by Playing a Game

If you do what you love, you won’t work for life ya What if you like to play games? We are talking about computer games…

Is it really possible to make money on a computer or game console?

Isn’t it really great if you make money like this?

Making money by playing games is the dream of many young players. Although it may seem like an impossible dream, there are many people who make money in this way.Even if you do not have such a desire to make money by playing video games is quite attractive. eSport players earn six digits each year by winning tournaments in front of the crowds.

This article is not one of the guides to becoming rich fast with a small investment . Every player would do it if it was easy to make money by playing games. We do not recommend diving into the video games market by quitting your job or leaving school.

1- Sale of virtual goods and gold

Gold farming has been around for a long time. If you’re a player who plays multiple online RPG games like World of Warcraft, you’ll no doubt see the advertised gold prices in the game. Selling something in the game is a system that has existed for a long time. Diablo 2 also has a black market system where players sell something to other players for cash.

Selling virtual goods became widespread in Diablo 3 and turned into an auction house auction house. The sale of virtual goods and gold in the game was not approved and the account of those who integrated the game was banned. However, Blizzard did not want to lose the player and then allowed the sale of goods and gold. Blizzard began to receive $ 1 from each sale and also 15% when you cash in via PayPal. This system was also quite profitable for Blizzard.

2- Win E-Sports tournaments

Tournaments allow skilled and qualified players to make money using their skills. Playing video games at professional and tournament level is often called “eSports.. You may be surprised to see the size of the awards. The team that won Valve’s 2011 DOTA 2 tournament won a million dollars. The winners of the 2011 North American Star League Starcraft 2 tournament were given $ 100,000.

However, there are not many players who make money from these tournaments. Professional players must be determined and skilled.

Professional players also earn money through corporate sponsorships. For example, Nike sponsors professional athletes and Nascar racing cars are embellished with corporate brands. Intel has sponsored players in the past to promote Western Digital and SteelSeries electronic gaming equipment.

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3- Being a game tester

Large video game companies work with game testers. Their task is to report the problems they find and test the game.

Games go through various development processes and become final. Before the game launches, the developer wants the game to be played with fresh eyes and to report bugs in the game. By testing the game, you must communicate your views and problems with the developer company / person.

In fact, testing video games is not as good as it says. Game testers do not always test their favorite games and sometimes have to examine even the games of children they hate. You need to do repetitive and tedious tasks and report a lot of program errors. According to a game tester, he saw a lot of people who had stopped playing after testing. Like other people in the video games industry, game testers have to work hard, and one tester says there are even 92 hours a week.

For more information on what game testing is, check out IGN’s The Tough Life of a Games Tester. This is a rare information because game testers sign a confidentiality agreement.

You can check out these sites to find work on testing games.

  1. playtestcloud
  2. betafamily
  3. bestreviewapp
  4. erlibird

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4- Share your knowledge

Do you specialize in Video games like World of Warcraft? There are many people who will pay for your knowledge. Sites like Killer Guides allow you to write e-books that will help you monetize your knowledge. You may try to sell your e-books through sites on the Internet or through your own website.

5- Let’s play kayded record videos

You play a lot of games? “Let’s play” you can record videos, put them on YouTube, and make money for people watching your videos. However, this is not as easy as it seems. YouTube’s help page says:

You can make money if you make the descriptions step by step and the live shooting tutorial or tutorial is worth it.

The video must indicate that the user is playing a game. You need to record how the game is played and make live comments throughout the video. This is not the way to wealth, but there are many players who earn 10 thousands of pounds a year. In order to earn a decent amount, the video must have a high viewing rate.

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6- Write about the games

The Internet is full of advertised video game sites and pays most authors. If you have a good knowledge of games and a good writer, you can try writing for one of these websites. Web sites need comments, news, and everything people want to read about video games.

You can review games, interviews and promote games by logging into an existing website or opening your own blog. If you log into an existing site as a writer, you will be charged per post. If you set up your own blog, you can earn money through platforms such as Google Adsense or Patreon.

As with all types of journalism and journalism, game journalism is an area where competition is high. A lot of people report games full time and make money from it! So if you want to start this business from scratch, you have to prove yourself and create a portfolio. In this process, it is inevitable that you will work on small numbers.

Building your own website and blog can also take a long time to reach a solid audience. So you need to work for a few years just to make a living by writing articles about games.

In journalism, it is an ingenuity to communicate an event before everyone else. For this, you must actively follow all sources and make sound news. Only this way you can make a difference. Writing every day can be mentally exhausting after a while.

If you still want to get started with this, look for authorship on medium-sized websites. You already have a ready-made article. Send this article and your CV.

Also have some experience to open your own website. While writing articles every day is troublesome enough, it can also be difficult to manage your own website. For this reason, first try to write on ready channels. Over time, you can also set up your own website.

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7- Making money by selling your game account

Especially the growth in the online gaming sector has led to the emergence of a new sector. Online game accounts can be valued and sold depending on their characteristics and how much they are (3 years, 5 months, etc.). Even if you have enough information about the game you can buy an account cheaply and sell it at a higher price.

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8- Making Money by Live Broadcast

Stream your screenshot live while playing games on a computer or game console and let people watch your game, especially via Twitch or Youtube. If you have a large audience, you can earn money from ads, donations and subscriptions.

With this method, it is difficult to get a large audience that will follow you live. Only 10 people can watch you for months, it can take you a year to reach 100 people. Unfortunately, many players / publishers cannot even reach these figures. In order to make money with this method, thousands of people have to follow you at the same time.

The game broadcasting area is very crowded. Why would people watch you with more popular accounts? This is the point where the calf’s tail breaks, so to speak. You have to place yourself in a different position from other players / publishers and make yourself different from them in your style. Similarly, you can make your own brand stand out by being a great player or playing games played by very few people.

However, it is easy to get started with this method. A good computer, live broadcast software (for example, OBS Studio, free of charge for all operating systems) that can handle the games you’re going to play, a webcam and a microphone to make your voice sound good when you’re at the bottom of the screen while you’re playing.

Twitch is a social media platform where people can watch you live while playing. You can become a publisher by opening an account here with more than 100 million visits per month, and you can earn money just by playing games.

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