Earn Money by Testing the Game

One of the most curious questions in the gaming industry is Nasıl How to Earn Money by Testing Games.

The idea of ​​earning money by playing computer games is of course of primary importance in making this problem widespread. Playing games, testing games, having a full-time job or earning additional income is another attractive idea.

Game testing and twitching are two different things, but it still seems to be a good option for people who want to enter the industry.

If you want to make money by testing the game in our article we have discussed this issue in detail. Here we go.

1. How is testing a game?

The game tester helps the team developing the game. Plays the game in the development process and reports the problems, bugs to the team.

The process usually works like this:

  • You play the game; bug, bug and problem.
  • When you find bugs and problems, you think about how it should be, how to play the game.
  • You prepare a report and report it to the company with the error search software used by the company.
  • The company reads your report and e-mails you to speak in more detail.

Attending meetings, meeting with developers and game developers, meeting other testers are also included. However, you basically contribute to finding errors in the game, making the game perfect.

2. What Skills Are Needed?

The skill cannot be described as a skill but you must be at least 18 years of age for this job.

If you want to be hired as a game tester, you should be able to detect bugs, prepare reports for this bug, and have good communication skills. You should pay attention to details and be able to motivate yourself.

You do not need to graduate from a particular department or study at university. However, as we have stated, it is essential to have some human skills. What are these?

Concentration : Even if you have been testing a game for a long time, you should be careful. Some games may take years to develop. So, for example, you can always test the same game for 2 years.

Detailing: Your task is to detect bugs and find the bug. For this, you should focus on details that may be a bug, and when you do, report to the company that developed the game. The bugs are reserved in details and in very detailed processes. Therefore, you should know and play the game to the smallest detail.

Text : You communicate with the team and company that developed the game by e-mail or through bug detection software. Therefore, you should write the errors you find in detail and clearly.

Attitude : Companies prefer to work with people who can get along well and take their business seriously. Therefore, you should not be overly aggressive, sarcastic or irritable. If you are a person who immediately hemen fights ta in the slightest disagreement, this may not be for you. No matter how experienced and successful you are, if you don’t adapt to your team, your game test career will be short…

3. How Much Money Can You Earn From This Job?

Game testers either receive hourly wages or receive a monthly salary. The price you receive in both options can show great flexibility.

Which company you work for, the studio’s business volume and sales rate, how many years of experience in this business, such as factors directly affect the money you receive.

But on average, a person in the US earns around $ 8 to $ 14 an hour. When it comes to annual earnings, this amount is between 16.000 – 50.000 dollars.

4. Is a University Diploma Required?

Testing the game is an entry level business in the gaming industry. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a university graduate to test the game. However, being a university graduate gives you the advantage to go up the career ladder in this sector. You can switch to departments such as software, design, art direction.

There are also many people studying at the same time doing this job. Both school and game testing can be taken at the same time. It is also an ideal job for people who are free to study in daytime and who are free during the day.

In summary, it is not necessary to be a university graduate, but it is very useful to study departments such as software, graphic design, engineering to make a career in the sector.

5. How to prepare a CV for a job application?

To apply for a game test, you need to prepare a good CV and letter of intent, but there is no specific CV format for this field. A good CV does business anywhere.

When preparing a CV, highlight your skills appropriate to the position you are applying for. Transfer your experience and skills at the points highlighted in the job posting. Before completing the CV, read it to other people and make sure there are no misspellings. Even a person who cannot prepare his CV perfectly will not be able to detect a bug in the game. At least the studio manager who reads your CV thinks so…

6. Do I Need to Change City or Country?

Game testing is common, especially in cities in the US where game companies are located. Because the company may want to make one-to-one interviews with testers. But in small cities you can also find game testing work.

Although it is rare to settle in different cities for game testing in our country, you can still consider changing cities and even countries when you have the opportunity.

You don’t travel much while doing this. Of course, this depends on the company you work for. You may still be able to travel to participate in a project in a different city. It should also be noted that the company covers all expenses for such trips.

When you test the game as part-time, full-time or temporary staff, there are situations like paid leave or free leave. If you get a full-time job, of course you will get permission during your leave period. However, if you do this part-time or temporarily, you will only be charged for the time you work.

7. Can you do this at home?

You can do game testing at home, as a freelancer. Not only games, but also software and mobile application trials can be done from home. You can find such jobs through a popular site called uTest.

But if you’re thinking of a serious career, that is, if you want to do it full-time, you have to be the staff of the company. So your chances of working from home are not as high as you think.

Although the idea of ​​working from home is attractive, many people want to do it in the office. Because you can learn more from other people in the office environment. In addition, making an environment, meeting new people is very important to advance in this profession. Working at home is comfortable, but you are unlikely to progress at home by working at home.

8. What Kind of Companies Need to Apply?

What kind of working environment do you want? What kind of games do you like?

The answers you give to these questions will also indicate the company you want to work with. However, before applying, you should review the company’s history and projects; o We recommend that you read the articles of the people working in the company.

As with any job application, we recommend that you pay attention to:

Work in a company that develops the games you’re interested in. You will spend very long time by testing the game. But you can make the process more fun by testing your favorite games. You may not always passionately work on your favorite subjects in life, but when you have the opportunity to work on things you love, you will do well.

Work in a company that offers different career options. You may not want to do the same for 40 years. Therefore, working in a company with different departments and developing different things is beneficial for the development of your career. If you want to stay in the game industry as a city Istanbul is ideal for our country.

Work in a company with a pleasant work environment. Business life has a great place in human life. For this reason, a fun and comfortable working environment is very important. It is very important that you like your working environment and your colleagues because there is a 100% chance of working long hours before the game is finalized.

9. Are there such things as bonuses or bonuses?

Depending on the studio you work with, there may be bonuses and bonuses. If a game that you test is a big success, the company can give you a share of this profit. This rate is usually 5% of your annual salary. The bonus is not guaranteed. It depends on the company. So it is better for you not to see things like prime and bonus as partridge in the bag..

10. What kind of equipment is needed?

If you are going to do the game testing in full time and in an office environment, you do not need to buy anything, the company will provide you with the computer and the necessary software and hardware. You usually use software and hardware with a mode that allows bug detection.

In some cases of fraud related to game testing, they may try to get you equipment. We can definitely say that such companies are fraudulent and fraudulent. In short, don’t give any bonus to companies that try to get computers. In addition, no way to pay anyone to apply for such jobs. If a job application site requests money from you to apply, never pay.

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