What You Need to Know About Game Journalism

Nicole Tenner is a game precursor…

He has been writing about computer games for 15 years, making radio programs and publishing books. Tenner graduated in journalism in 1999 and has since worked for many game magazines such as MacLife, Pixelkin, GameNow and IGN.

In addition, Tenner provides marketing and public relations consultancy services to game companies and shares his experiences on game journalism, which has become a popular discipline in recent years .

What exactly does the game messenger do?

As a game messenger and editor, I mainly plan and edit content. I check the writings of freelance writers and direct the employees to produce new content.

We have no problems finding content. We often focus on the connection between play and psychology, as well as game review. This makes parents more sensitive and knowledgeable about their children’s play experiences.

How to become a game messenger?

I have done various jobs in the game industry for 12 years. I recently worked as an editor for IGN magazine.

After I had a kid, we moved to Seattle. I met the Pixelkin team at the Seattle Game Fair. I learned that they needed someone there who was both a parent and knowledgeable about the game world. So there is some element of coincidence, but basically the game is a great pleasure to play.

What are the Good and Bad Points of this Profession?

I enjoy being an editor at Pixelkin magazine. We are a small, young and passionate team. Mentoring the team, informing them of their strengths and weaknesses, and growing up together make me very satisfied. Experienced names who worked in large media organizations and young people working in the same environment creates an efficient office environment.

What I dislike most is that freelance writers do not fully understand the style of Pixelkin magazine and website. In other words, although we explain our expectations to these people, sometimes we cannot adapt and unfortunately we have wasted our time. Sometimes the final version of a proposed article may not be suitable for publication. This is annoying.

Authors who are not open to feedback and constructive criticism can also be the reason for tension. Some new authors argue that their writing does not require editing. Therefore, dealing with people and their egos can become annoying in this profession as in any profession.

What Makes Game Journalism Most Surprising?

A lot of people think game messengers play all day. That’s not true at all.

We considered ourselves lucky when we could play in the office while working at IGN. At Pixelkin, we don’t play much games, as we don’t do a lot of game reviews. We usually try to play games after work. We gather in one of our houses and play together.

However, a normal working day is through writing, planning, telephone calls, video editing, website management; that is, it goes like that in any newspaper.

What is the secret of success in game journalism?

First you need to be a good writer. Loving games, being playful is not enough to be a good journalist, a game messenger. A good writer is a must for editing. Because it is the editor’s main task to improve the writings of others.

Being open to criticism, opinions and suggestions as personality; it is necessary to pay attention to details, for example, to rewrite a text several times. It is not possible to earn millions from this work, but if you do successful works as a writer and journalist, you will surely rise and progress in your career.

What Should Be a Notice of Gaming?

For those who want to be game heralds, I can say: You need to find your own voice in this business. This happens at the end of a long process. The number of game messengers has decreased considerably over the last few years. Just employing staff to play game news brings extra cost to news sites and newspapers. In general, roads are separated by game messengers first. I don’t mean to be discouraged, but that’s the way it is.

But if you want to be permanent in this business and really want this job, freelance writing is a good start. You can create your own content here by opening your own blog. Thus, when applying for more corporate jobs, you have a portfolio. An editor can easily understand your pencil, style and style by reviewing your blog. This may return to you as a business opportunity.

If editors like your work, they will pass you more work. This makes your name heard more frequently in the sector.

The financial aspect of the business is not very encouraging. Freelance writing is not easy to make a living. So in addition to a full-time job, you can also write games. You will be financially happy if you do something other than just game reporting. Since most enthusiastic and enthusiastic gamers are also interested in technology, writing and writing about technology can help you make more money.

What kind of training is required for this profession?

Even if not a prerequisite, journalism or reading English language and literature will contribute to the development of your writing skills. Thanks to the lessons you have learned in these sections, you can have a more effective item in making news and writing articles. However, it is not necessary to graduate from a specific department.

In addition, you need to be a solid reader. You should read plenty of books and follow books and publications especially on games and game culture. This not only gives you an idea of ​​content but also shows what kind of articles are in demand in the industry. So when you present an editorial idea to an editor, you’ll come up with more interesting ideas.

If you submit an unacceptable article to a website, you will quickly throw hyperlinks. However, I always prefer to give young writers a second chance, especially in cases where the manuscript proposal does not feel right.

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