How to Earn Money by Selling a Game Account

Online games are fun and exciting. However, some games may make you prisoner, so to speak. Some games even sell money. If you’ve caught a rare pokemon or have spent months upgrading your account, someone who wants to buy it will definitely come out.

Online games have experienced a major breakthrough in recent years. There are many game categories from Counter Strike to strategy games. This rise in the gaming industry has also made it a business line to buy and sell gaming accounts.

These trading accounts are characterized by the fact that they have rare weapons or similar objects and have a high level. Since these objects are limited in number, it is often not possible to obtain them again. This is the main reason for account trading.

If you have played games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Pokemon Go, you may have noticed that there is a huge market for account exchanges. But there are some things you should know when buying and selling a game account.

There Is A Serious Demand

We said some accounts are worth more than others. The time spent building these accounts is an important factor in price.

The accounts of the tight players who earn all the valuable objects and titles in the game by giving months and even years to a game are of course more valuable than that of a player who has been playing for 3 weeks.

There are even people who buy and sell game accounts. So it’s like making a Pokemon Go account for $ 100 and earning $ 40 by selling it for $ 140…

Many people also pursue a strategy of developing their account by playing games that they know can move forward and gain a high title, and then sell it. For example, a person who owns one of the latest weapons in World of Warcraft can sell this account for $ 1000. However, the account of a fresh player who has been playing for several weeks is worth a few dollars.

Therefore, it is critical to play games that you know are available for account sale. Be as many numbers as you want in a game that nobody is interested in, you may not be able to sell your account.

What Makes Game Accounts Expensive?

One of the elements that make a game account valuable is the possession of weapons, ammunition, clothing, etc. The rarer these things, the more valuable they are. So to know how valuable your weapon is, you need to research about the game, play the game’s forum and YouTube.

Limited edition costumes and weapons can only be won at a certain time of year. For example, if you’ve won a weapon that can only be won during New Year’s Week, and there are only 100 of them, you have something financially valuable.


Things like clothing, armor are very important in League of Legends and Counter Strike. These things don’t have to bring you to a better place in the game, but it’s important to note that there are players who collect them.

League of Legends has been given a limited number of limited edition clothing since 2009, but one of the rarest clothing, PAX Twisted Fate, is still very rare and valuable at the moment.

This outfit was given to players who participated in the fair organized by the game in 2009. Players were given a password in order to have this dress owned by 20,000 people, and those who entered the password got it.

Today you have to pay between 600-1000 dollars to get this dress. Therefore, it is better to check the clothes and costumes you have and learn the market values.

Currently the most valuable and rare LoL costumes are:

  • PAX Twisted Fate
  • Black Alistar
  • Championship Riven
  • Young Ryze
  • Urf the Manatee
  • Silver kayle

Objects – Weapons

Apart from the costume, the objects, special powers and weapons in the game also increase the value of the account.

In the case of Pokemon GO, we can state that those who catch the rarest and most powerful pokemon can make money from this business. The most powerful pokemon, Dragonite, is currently available for $ 100 to $ 250.

The game currently has 151 pokemon and 4 of them can only be caught in certain countries. Therefore, a pokemon you crave to own can only be found on the Australian continent. So you can buy it from a Sydney pokemon lover.


You can also sell your account if you don’t have a rare pokemon, costume, weapon. The titles they have in the game are worth the money.

World of Warcraft is a very popular game played since 2004. Numerous special events were held throughout the history of the game, where special titles were won. As the titles earned in these events can only belong to one account, you can sell the title by selling the account.

The most rare titles in the game are: 

  • The Immortal 
  • The Undying 
  • Doctor 
  • Hand of A’dal 
  • Argent Defender

Most of these titles are given only once and are unlikely to be regained. This is the main price determining factor. For this reason, we recommend that you also search for the titles you have when selling your account.

New Accounts Have Recipients

In games like League of Legends and Counter Strike, fresh accounts make less money and fresh accounts are called dwarf accounts.

Why is there even an account that can be obtained in a few weeks?

For example, you can get rid of hours of compulsory education by purchasing a fresh account of the League of Legends game. This is because in this game you have to come to level 30 to compete and fight other people alive. You will need to play for weeks to reach this level. So buying a fresh account at level 30 saves time.

What Kind of Game Accounts Are Sold?

Now let’s look at the trading platforms and types that are traded.

PC Game Accounts

There are hundreds of different games on Steam, Origin, and Uplay. For example, you can have 10 different game records in your Steam account. When you sell your Steam account, you automatically sell your account in 10 different games. Some players have hundreds of different game accounts on Steam, which means thousands of dollars.

In the example, you purchase everything in this account. Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and other games are also included in this account. Your position and success in each game is valued one by one and these numbers are added at the end.

A freshly opened account is not worth much. However, if you have reached a high level in WoW or have a rare card in Hearthstone, you can sell this account for a high sum.

Console Games

If you’ve moved away from consoles like Xbox and Playstation and don’t want to play anymore, you may want to consider selling your account on these platforms.

So why would anyone want to buy your Playstation Network account? These accounts are usually purchased because of the games in the account. Playstation Network allows you to purchase games and upload them to your account. Therefore, the person who buys your account has the right to play these games. The value of the account is also determined by the number of games already in it.

In addition, the achievements and titles you earn through this account are also important factors that determine the value of the account. The higher the number of games available on the Xbox or Playstation, the higher the price of the account.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are also gaining popularity with the development of smartphones. In-game purchases are also available in mobile games. So a player can buy weapons within the game to jump level. Already the basic money making model of mobile games is based on this. However, the account is still traded. When you buy a high-level gaming account, you rise to a higher level of competition, which in fact shows the social competitive dimension of the game more clearly.

  • Dragon Blaze
  • Summoner war
  • Clash of Clans
  • Game of War
  • Hearthstone

Clash of Clans and Game of War account are two of the most valuable games. Many Clash of Clans accounts are sold for $ 300-500 depending on the strength of the account. If you’ve come to this level without using the in-game purchase option, you can really earn a lot of money.

The Game of War account is also quite valuable. Each account has its own power level, which determines the value of the account. For example, if you have over a billion points in this game, you can sell the account for thousands of dollars.

Again, without using the in-game purchase option, you can earn serious money from accounts you’ve naturally developed.


MMORPG stands for massive multiplayer online role playing game, multiplayer online role playing.

Games such as Guild War 2, Final Fantasy, Aion, SWTOR and World of Warcraft fall into this category.

The quality and rarity of weapons in games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy have a direct impact on the sale price of the account.

In these games, the first thing that makes it difficult to trade account is to open the account with your real name. It is possible to overcome this obstacle by opening multiple accounts without using your real name using game cards.

How to Earn $ 12,000 a Day by Selling a Gun Case?

The arms trade is one of the largest trade branches in the world. However, selling virtual guns on the playground has also become a very profitable business.

Two Canadian teenagers, Artur Minacov and John Brechisci, set up a website called OPSkins and began selling and selling sleeves for the weapons used in Counter Strike.

Binary receives a 10% commission from each purchase by mediating the users to sell their designs on the site they set up. The website, which was established in 2015, has a daily transaction volume of $ 120,000, making it $ 12,000 per day. 

The duo talks about this:

Dışında It’s very risky to buy such costumes, holsters and weapons besides Steam, because there’s scams everywhere. People used to trade in forums. Payments were also made through Paypal, but after the buyers received the product, they withdrew their money from the system and victimized the seller. Since the community was not satisfied with this method, we decided to establish such a platform. ”

On the OPskins website, between 10,000 and 15,000 products change hands per day. Many of these products are worth thousands of dollars.

One of the founders of the site, John Brechisci, says:

Nadir The rarity of products is considered to be what adds value to them, but in our case the appearance of the product is also of great importance. Most people think it’s ridiculous, but right now, 370,000 people are actively trading on our website. ”

OPSkins has expanded the business so much that it has a total of 20 staff from different continents around the world. He has even managed to become the main sponsor by contributing $ 100,000 to the Counter Strike Go finals.

This initiative is a great success for two young people aged 21 and 28 who live in their parents’ homes. We want to support the people we spend time with and have fun with, and contribute to their happiness.

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