Making Money by Developing Mobile App

A new mobile device does not enter the market. In recent years, developing mobile applications has become more profitable than ever and is constantly on the rise.Until five years ago, application developers had limited operating system options because only Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Apple were available. Today, however, with the growth of new mobile platforms and different versions, cross-platform formatting application concepts have become very popular, and the mobile application development area has become a treasure to discover for developers who want to make money.

In this article we will talk about ways to make money from mobile applications .

Extremely profitable business

Big app stores, such as the Apple App Store, the Google Android Market, RIM’s App World, and Nokia Ovi Store, have all generated billions of dollars in profit over the last few years. Mobile applications have been one of the easiest and best ways to advertise, sell products and services, and increase social information sharing.

The mobile application development market is vast, and in line with this expectation, application developers and companies who want to succeed can find great opportunities with a small initial investment. Angry Birds is one of the best gaming applications that has achieved tremendous success. Although there are other successful apps, Angry Birds has become one of the best-selling apps and has earned the creator Rovio the maximum amount of revenue.

The secret formula for the success of mobile applications

There are thousands of applications that have been downloaded and popular millions of times by users. However, only a few of them earn big income like big players. The real reason behind this is the lack of intuition in companies.

Returning to the example of Angry Birds Rovio has released the free version of the application in the Android market. This version has an ad bar and is the main source of revenue. Today, the company makes more money from advertisements than application sales.

Of course, the success of the application depends on the number of people using it, as well as the time spent on the application. Rovio is a seated company with experience in application development. The development team was focused on developing a game that would attract mobile users and enable them to use the app over and over again. The company regularly updated the application and also released free versions of the updates. Angry Birds is more than a simple mobile application. Angry Birds is a brand with millions of users worldwide.

Using mobile social sharing as an advantage

One of the best ways to achieve success in the application market is to develop mobile social applications. Developed with a little more effort from application developers, these applications encourage users to share information with friends online. Mobile services such as Facebook and Twitter are among the best examples of such applications.

You may not earn big money when you develop social apps. However, adding in-app purchases will help you generate more revenue. Developers who draw attention to mobile social games can earn money by offering users completely ad-free versions of games for a small fee. Certain games also earn money by encouraging users to buy virtual money or enhanced game themes for small money. This technique is effective, but the application requires time and effort from the developer.

Partnering with mobile brands and carriers

Many application developers and companies partner with mobile brands and carriers to launch applications. If the process is planned correctly, there will be a win-win situation for both parties. However, the application developer receives a small portion of the revenue, while the mobile device brand or carrier has a large portion of the profits.

In addition, each brand or carrier has its own terms. This causes the developer to curb his creativity. Nevertheless, mobile applications are a good opportunity for new developers who want to show their work and be noticed in the market.

We will continue to share special ways and opportunities for making money on the internet for those who want to make money on the internet.

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