Earn money by selling photos on the Internet

If you like to take photos or draw visuals through Photoshop or illustrator, online photo sales are the perfect match for you.

Previously, only professionals and people with connections sold photos and images. However, with the help of the internet, and in particular microstocks and macrostocks, anyone who meets the quality standards of online stock photography sites can sell photos and images.

How can I earn money from selling online photos?

1 – Make sure you own the copyrights of any work you make, copy, or sell

2 – Select the stock photo sites where you want to sell your photos. Novices can use dreamstime.com, freedigitalphotos.net and shutterstock.com. However, professional photographers can choose Getty Images or Corbis.

3 – Open an account after making your selection. Registration of stock photo sites is usually free.

4 – Read and understand the terms before uploading your photos. Dreamstime requires a minimum size of 3 mega pixels. They also prefer commercial concepts, creative marketable compositions, high-color, light and light-level photographs. They focus on the generic spirit of the image. In other words, some photos are rejected by Dreamstime and accepted and sold by others.

5 – Be sure to register with stock sites such as freedigitalphotos.net, shutterstock or fotolia.com, except Dreamstime, as you may be rejected by the website you choose.

6 – Your photos are ready for sale after they are accepted.

7 – You may need to advertise your photos because there are thousands of photos sold online. For example, if you have photos rejected by the site you’ve chosen, you can sign up for morguefile.com and upload your rejected photos for free distribution. This product is similar to distributing free samples. In addition, distributing free photos means promotion.


Always check the “Getting Started” and “Frequently Asked Questions” sections before you register.

If you want to make more money, select sites like Getty Images, Corbis, photo.com and alamy.com that will set higher prices for your photos. However, these sites have more stringent photo acceptance requirements and will probably not be accepted until you become a professional photographer.


To avoid copyright infringement, make sure that you have copyright to the photos and images you upload. There are different levels of copyright. Some allow copying and distribution, while not allowing sale or commercial use.

Some sites like Dreamstime offer bonuses if you sell all the rights to the photos. Please review the terms and conditions carefully before using this option.

What you need

  • Professional cameras such as Digital SLR cameras
  • A computer or tablet with an Internet connection
  • Adobe Photoshop (optional but recommended)
  • Adobe Illustrator: if you want to create your own images instead of other photos (optional, but recommended)
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