Faucethub.io review

Faucethub is a microwallet service with hundreds of faucets for a lot of coins including Bitcoin.

On this website you can earn Bitcoin and altcoins by entering captchas or entering surveys.This site was an answer to the plenty of faucets that have a high withdrawal minimum to combat fees.With Faucethub everything is integrated into one main wallet that is always accessible. 

How can you earn with Faucethub.io?

There are plenty of ways to earn but we will outline the most important features of the microwallet service.

– Earning with faucets

Faucets are websites that offer you free cryptocurrency when you watch an ad or two and enter a captcha. The captcha is added to protect against bots from claiming, thus reducing rewards for people like you and me.There are hundreds of faucets available for you to claim. There is a dedicated page on Faucethub that shows all the faucets that are integrated with the service. On that page you can also see how much everyone withdraws from the faucet, and how much balance the faucet has left.

– Mining

Faucethub has an integrated miner that can mine satoshi for you. However there are third party sites such as Cointiply connected to Faucethub that can earn you more satoshi for mining.It is still a nice option because it is entered directly into your wallet.

– Offers

There are many offers available such as PTC ads (getting paid to click on advertising) and surveys. Surveys pay you to enter information about what you think. Make sure to enter those truthfully so you are not disqualified. There are also tasks which will ask you to do things such as google a certain service and reviewing it. When you are from a western country you will see many offers that have a relative high pay.

– Games

If you feel lucky you can try three games that might help you win some Bitcoin.1. Rambo DiceBasically the same as normal dice, but now its called Rambo2. Rock Paper Scissors. Same as the basic game. You play against other players.3. Lottery. Get a chance at winning multiple coins.

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