What is CoinPot?

It is a microwallet that combines earnings from different faucets such as Bonus Bitcoin, Moon Bitcoin, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Cash, and Bit Fun, The faucets it supports are set up to deposit directly into CoinPot. Like my case, I am using Bonus Bitcoin and whatever I earned from my faucet claims will be deposited directly to my CoinPot wallet.

How does CoinPot work?

Signing up for CoinPot is free. I provided my valid email address and password. After I confirmed my account through my email, I immediately started using the site. They also provide two-factor authentication code for added security. As of this moment, CoinPot supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. Converting these cryptocurrencies are made instantly.

How to earn from CoinPot?

It is not only a microwallet since you can also monetize your earnings from faucet claims. There are much more chances now to increase your earnings at CoinPot. The following are different ways to earn from CoinPot:

Faucets – Everytime I made a faucet claim at Bonus Bitcoin, I also earned 3 tokens from CoinPot. I can convert these tokens to different cryptocurrencies available on CoinPot. So the more faucet claims you get, the more tokens you can earn.

Lottery – I never joined their lottery feature. Based from what I learned from their site, you need to buy tickets to join the lottery. There is no limit to the lottery tickets you can buy as long as you have enough tokens to use. One ticket costs 1 token. The prize is the total of all tokens paid for tickets during a particular lottery round plus a bonus of 1,000 tokens. There is one grand winner who will receive 50% of the total prize fund. There are 5 runners who will each receive 10% of the total prize. Winners are drawn randomly. You can only win 1 prize each round.

Multiplier – You have the option to gamble high or low. You choose the multiplier 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x, or 1,000x. The higher the multiplier you choose, the higher earnings you can get. However, you only have very narrow chance of winning. Anyway, you click your required stake, a number will be rolled between 000-999. If the number you rolled falls within the required range you chose, then you win.

Challenges – There are many ways to earn from the Challenges through repeatedly doing the faucet claims, lottery tickets bought, lottery wins, multiplier rolls, conversions, bonus stars, and mining tokens. Each challenge has 5 difficulty levels. You will be rewarded from 1 star to 5 stars when you complete a challenge depending on the level. You need to accumulate points to get stars. 1 star collected is equal to 100 tokens. The more stars you collected, the more tokens you can earn. At the end of the month, prizes are awarded to top 25 placers on the leaderboard. The first place will receive 10 million tokens and 2nd place will get 5 million tokens.

How much can I earn?

Their Challenges feature was relaunched just 1st of March this year. They needed to fix their system when they first introduced their Challenges. There were a lot of frauds made by some members. Now, it is back. I am glad I get to take this opportunity to increase my earnings more. After a few days from relaunching, I noticed that my earnings increased quickly. This time, I am excited to do more challenges since the rewards are really good. Earning potentials from their Challenges are really huge. However, you also need to make an effort to improve your tasks to collect more stars.

How do I get paid?

There are several ways to withdraw your earnings from CoinPot. There are online wallets such as SpectroCoin and Mellow Ads. Both do not deduct any fees. You can also use Faucet microwallets such FaucetFly (1.5% fee) and Faucet Hub (1.5% fee). I’ve never used any of these wallets. I am using my personal bitcoin address to withdraw my earnings from CoinPot.

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