Monetized Mobile Applications

Did you know that you can make money through apps that you can install on your smartphones?

It sounds incredible, but there are such applications. It is not possible to get rich with these applications, but it is an option that must be evaluated by those who want to earn extra income.

You can earn money in your free time with these apps, which range from market research applications to survey filling applications.

There is one thing to be aware of: You should not lose money to monetization applications that charge you for membership. It is very important for your financial security that you consider user comments and application evaluation before you become a member.

Now let’s take a closer look at these iOS and Android based apps.

Money App

Money App, which is compatible with Android and iOS , is a market research app. You can earn money from Money App for tasks such as providing ideas, playing games, reviewing store products, testing services, and reviewing trial versions. All you need to do is download the Money App and create an account on your behalf and complete the tasks offered.

The money you earn for the tasks you complete is transferred to your PayPal account. The best part of this application is transferring your fees to your account within 2-3 days. This is because the payment is usually made on a monthly basis and an Amazon card is offered instead of money.

One user says about this app, which gets 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play and iTunes.

I made $ 10 in five days. Not bad for earning from my seat.


Compatible with Android and iOS , this app is also for market research. You can make money through iPoll by completing a survey on marketing, keeping a daily consumption diary and completing the tasks presented in the application (making a specific observation given by visiting the supermarkets).

After downloading the iPoll app, you are asked for some information. For example, you are asked for information such as how many days you go shopping, your monthly income. In this way, you are given appropriate tasks. The best part of the application is that it can be customized. This means that you can select tasks that match your interests and receive notifications when such tasks are available.

A user commented on the app that received 4/5 on iTunes and 3.1 / 5 on Google Play.

The nice application is very easy to use. The topics are also interesting. Completing surveys and tasks is easy and doesn’t take much time. ”

Through this application you can receive your payments in cash via gift card or Paypal. You must have earned at least $ 10 to shoot. You can also participate in a draw between all users to earn $ 10,000 every three months!


Foap Android and iOS based application. This application, which allows professional and amateur photographers to earn money by selling photos taken from their phones, offers a great mass of resources for brands and advertising agencies to purchase photos. Foap has more than 2.5 million subscribers.

All you need to do is open an account, tag your high-quality photos correctly. The higher your users are rated by your photos, the more likely your photos are to be visible. There is also a “mission” section in Foap, where you can earn $ 5 to $ 100 per photo sold. Here too, brands and agencies indicate the type of photos and videos they want to use. In other words, the chance to sell your works by taking photos and videos that brands desire is increasing.

One user says about the app, which rated 4.3 on iTunes and 3.8 on Google Play.

I Love this app. It’s a great and fun place to share my photos and make money from it. ”

Fluid Market

Not everyone has to own a car. Moreover, most people with cars only use weekends. Fluid Market allows people to rent their cars, vans, jeeps or mibinuses on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. In other words, Fluid Market is an enterprise established in the field of sharing economics.

According to Fluid Market’s website, you can earn $ 24,000 per year by renting your truck through Fluid Market. You can also rent different things like drill, lawn mower, bicycle, heels, boat in the “Other” category.

iTunes 4.5, Google Play , the 3.5-rated application for both the lessor and the lessor has a very simple system. For example, if you want to rent your car from X to Y, you do not have to meet the tenant each time to hand over your vehicle key. By putting the key in the rental safe, you can ensure that the tenants take the vehicle while you are away.

One Fluid user describes the application as follows:

I make money from my seat by allowing my neighbors to use my tool. And I’m comfortable with the insurance.


As soon as you sign up for Swagbucks, you get a $ 10 bonus! Swagbucks, a market research application, is a great app where you can make money by filling out various surveys, shopping online and doing the tasks you are given. Swagbucks, where you can earn money even by watching videos, has managed to score 4 out of 5 by Android and iOs users.

Swagbucks encourages its users to earn more by offering a large number of polls. However, depending on the country or city you do not have the chance to participate in some surveys. You can also withdraw money or receive it as a gift card only when you reach 2500 Swagbucks points, which is $ 25.

One Swagbucks user describes the app as follows:

A great app where you can earn extra income at work or during school break. I received some of my payments in cash and some as an Amazon gift card. ”


Only Google Play Store pays Slidejoy users to activate the screen lock! Here’s how: When the screen lock is activated, users receive various news and advertisements. You can learn the details of the notification by swiping left or you can remove the notification by swiping left. The interesting part is that you can make money by clicking or not clicking on the ads. Imagine how many times you have activated your phone’s screen lock during the day… You can also increase your earnings by participating in various surveys

You can pay through Square Cash or Paypal. You also need to wait 3 months to receive payment when you first become a member. After the first 3 months, payments are made monthly. There is also a 20% deduction of the money you earn.

A user says about Slidejoy, which received 4.3 out of 5 in the Play Store:

“Who doesn’t like to make money from the air? I give it 4 stars out of 5 because they changed the payment method. ”


Based on iOS and Android , Bookscouter is the ideal environment to sell your unused books. You can sell your new and used books through Bookscouter. You can easily subscribe to the application with your Facebook or other social media accounts. Then you scan the barcodes of your books and upload them to the system and see the prices given by people who want to buy books.

Apple users have given the application 3.3 / 5 and Android users have given 3.9 / 5. It should be borne in mind that there is no price code for some of the books you scan. It is also free to ship books.

One user says: It was great to earn $ 15 from books I’m going to throw away or give away for free. Bring together unused books and earn money! ”

Another user says:

The highest bidder for your books is at the top of the list of offers. I sold 170 books and earned $ 170, and I’ll definitely upload my other books to the Bookscouter..


Toluna, a market research application, can be used on both iOS and Androiddevices. Payments are made on Paypal in Toluna, where you can earn money by answering various surveys and even creating your own survey on different topics.

You can watch video descriptions right after membership to learn how to use the easily subscribed application. Toluna has a rating of 3.3 on iTunes and 3.3 on the Play Store, where you can earn extra bonuses by creating your own survey on the habit of using shampoo, the latest smartphones or current political developments.

A user describes his Toluna experience as follows:

Be patient and determined. I’ve been using Toluna for a year and a half. When you collect enough points, your payment will be made via Paypal or a check will be sent to your address if you wish. ”


Userfeel, which is compatible with Android and iOS , provides money by browsing and participating in web sites. Each test takes 10 to 20 minutes at Userfeel, where you can earn money by entering new websites, browsing the user interface, and making video feedback and criticism about the usefulness of the site. In the application where you earn $ 10 per test, you receive payments through Paypal or Payoneer.

When you subscribe to Userfeel, you are going through a trial period. Your voice and screen image are recorded while you are doing the task assigned to you here. Your performance here is rated by the Userfeel team. The higher you score, the more tests you take to increase your chances of earning money.

A user about Userfeel who gets 3.3 / 5 on Google Play uses these words:

Im I had some problems uploading videos, but the technical team helped me figure out how to handle the problem. So I got my payment. It’s a great app to earn additional income. ”

Some users say that the application crashed while uploading video, but the Userfeel technical team was very helpful.


The Musely application, which can be used on iOS and Android devices, sells eco-friendly beauty and home supplies; is a social platform where women exchange ideas on issues such as healthy living, skin care, fitness. At Musely you can buy organic, eco-friendly and new products. Toxin-free nail polish, lipstick made from organic fruits, such as products we can give examples.

The way to make money at Musely is as follows: Muse on Musely, which means you can open your own blog as a kind of influencer and get a 20% commission on the sale of your proposed products. At Musely, payments are made on the 1st and 15th day of each month.

One user says about the app that received 4.7 stars on iTunes and 4.2 stars on Google Play:

Awesome app for health, beauty, fitness, handcrafted and many more! ”


You can sell your unused items in your house through Mercari by specifying photos, description and price. Mercari is based on Android and iOS . When you receive the product, the buyer confirms the sale and your money is credited to your account. Mercari’s commission rate is less than 20%, unlike most competitors.

Google Opinion Rewards

Do you have a great idea? Google is ready to pay you to share this idea. Share your thoughts on hotels, smartphones, products and more on Google Opinion Rewards, and Google will pay you for it. Again in this application as soon as 20 seconds by filling out the questionnaire can earn money. iOS users can receive payments via Paypal, and Android users can receive Google Play credits.


When you connect your phone’s step meter and GPS to Sweatcoin, the app measures your steps. You earn 0.95 sweatcoins per 1000 steps. You can buy sweatcoins as sports equipment, sports course gift certificates or cash. Of course, thanks to the secretion of endorphins you can donate your earnings to charities. Sweatcoin is an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Through Android and iOS compatible Shopkick application, you can earn points by visiting the shops that are notified to you, reading barcodes, watching videos, reviewing products and shopping via internet. You can use these points when shopping in stores such as TJ Maxx, AMC, Target.


Swoup is not a classic discount voucher application! Once you have integrated your bank account with Swoup, discount vouchers offered by various stores are automatically associated with your bank account. Then when you enter the discount code and phone number when you shop online, you automatically earn a discount and for example you pay $ 10.95 for a $ 12 product. But the system works a little differently. The discount amount will be refunded to your account. By transferring the returned money to your savings account, you can feed your savings account, even if it is small.

So basically we can say that Swoup is the app to win discount voucher and manage these checks. Swoup  can be used on iOS devices and the Android app is on the way.

DV Closet

DV Closet, which is only available for iOS , is an app that enables stylists, fashion bloggers and people interested in fashion to earn money by combining and giving people ideas about fashion. You can earn up to 22 dollars in 10-15 minutes by making and sharing different combinations through the application and as your popularity increases, your earning rate increases.


Ango Uber for children ”slogan can be evaluated with Kango kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school students can drive to your school with an application that you can earn money. The family of the children can monitor your location and the status of their children in real-time and contact you directly through the application. In addition, you can provide emergency assistance to children when necessary after the registration information has been reviewed. Kango, which is an application that should be evaluated by families who do not allow the daily program to drop their children to school, can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

App Trailers

While there are countless applications on the market, none of us have the chance to review them one by one. At this point, the App Trailers app offers 30-second videos describing the basic logic of applications on the market. App Trailers can be used on Android and iOS devices where you can earn vouchers by watching these videos, grading, participating in various quizzes and games .

Field Agent

As a “field agent, you can go to various stores as a customer and observe in the store and make money from this action. You can get money from Dwolla account or EFT in order to check the price of the products in the stores, take photos reflecting the design of the store, describe how the products are placed in the store. In particular, the headquarters of the stores have begun to have customers do this instead of sending their own inspectors to each store. After completing the tasks within 2 hours and giving your feedback, your job is completed. Field Agent is a valid app for both iOS and Android .

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