Earning Money by Voice Over

As people continue to consume digital content, demand for voiceover jobs will not decrease. Whether you’re listening to radio, watching TV, or browsing your social media stream, of course, you’ll come across content that uses voiceover. If you trust your voice and want to pursue a career in this field, our article below will help you start your career.

What is Voice-Over?

Voice-over is the name given to the audio content of a media, especially a video or animation, aimed at improving the quality. The audience hears the voice but does not see the voice actor. The primary purpose of Voice-over is to provide information to the audience effectively, to facilitate understanding of the media with or without visual content. You can find the use of external audio in animations, movies, television broadcasts and commercials.

There is a wide variety of voice-over jobs where you can experience and earn money. Voice actors prefer one or two areas to specialize according to their sound quality and skills. The roles you will take will vary depending on your voice and experience. Here are some of the media types that use voice-over:

Ways to Make Money by Making a Voice

1-) Animation and Television

If you like watching animated movies or television shows, you can more or less guess what voice actors are doing while working on such projects. As a voice actor, you play a character by dubbing in the animated movie. Like acting in front of the camera, animation should be able to give the audience the necessary information and emotion. At the same time, the sound must be perfectly synchronized with the animation.

2. Advertising

Do you remember Dos Equis ads in 2006? Can you imagine these ads without the external voice that describes Jonathan Goldsmith as the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’? One reason the advertising campaign is so effective is the use of external audio in every advertisement. This shows the importance of voiceover in the advertising industry. In addition, you can come across advertisements using external sound on radios.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files broadcast on the Internet by content producers. These audio files are usually in series or related topics are discussed in each episode. Although podcasts are usually recorded by the content producer, some podcasts can be voiced by voice actors.

4. Online Training Contents

Many websites now offer online training on various topics such as programming, cooking and even the art of voice over. Not everything can be described in writing and visually. Tutorial videos are often accompanied by an external voice. In this area, the external voice plays an explanatory role and its voice is recorded in accordance with the video.

The use of external audio in this way has become quite common on YouTube, and we see the importance of voice over, which directly affects video quality.

5. Video Games

The age of subtitling narration has ended. Game developers prefer to use narrative scenes instead of using text flow before the game. Intermediate scenes, sound effects and other sounds need to be recorded in advance for an immersive experience. Honestly, the voice performance affects the gameplay. One of the best voiceover performances in computer games was the performance of Michael Mando, who played Vaas in Far Cry 3.

6. Communication

You   ‘ve heard phrases like “press 1 for English” when you make calls to call centers . These recordings are made by voice actors. Telecommunications companies often work with voice actors when they update their automatic call receiving system. This usually happens when they start providing a new service.

What To Do To Start Your Voice Career

1-) Have a Room You Can Register

You must be in a quiet room to register. If you are at the beginning of your career, there is no need for a studio. It is enough to be a place where you can save your demos and projects without noise.

A small space is enough if you can fit your laptop and microphone, even a large wardrobe will work. Sticking empty egg cartons to the walls of the cabinet will provide sound insulation. You can also prevent the sound from coming from outside by using the clothes in the closet.

2. A Good Microphone

A good microphone is a must even for a beginner. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a good microphone. You can get a microphone that will work for under $ 50 from Amazon. Until you develop yourself, focus on vocalization techniques instead of buying expensive equipment.

3. Create Portfolio

If you are planning to become a voice actor, be sure to prepare a portfolio for yourself. You can refer to the work you have done with permission from your previous customers. For those who do not have experience, it may be a good option to take part in projects voluntarily. Some may not want to work for free, but it is better than spending on memberships to find jobs where you will earn little money. Gain experience, add new materials to your portfolio and even gain potential customers (if you did a good job); Moreover, they are all free.

4. Train Your Voice

Finally, you need to train your voice as voice acting is similar to acting. What makes the voice actor successful is that she can convincingly characterize the character. Dan Castellaneta, who plays Homer Simpson, is just one of the successful voice actors who give life to the character and live the character he plays.

The same goes for making advertisements and podcasts more fun. On the Internet, you can find websites that provide vocal training for free. It would be more beneficial to go to a course in your location so you can meet new connections.

Where Can You Find Voice Over Jobs On The Internet?

As the industry grows, you will see that new platforms are constantly opening. After creating your own portfolio, you should open your own website and create your brand to reflect your originality and identity.

Free Platforms

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest website that supports all experienced or inexperienced voice actors. Wages start at $ 10, but after completing a certain amount of work, wages will accumulate. People like VoiceoverPete are popular voice actors and started their careers with Fiverr before focusing on YouTube.

You should keep in mind that Fiverr will give you low fees at first. If you need money, it may not be a good option to start with, but we can say it’s a great platform to start gaining experience.

2. Voice Bunny

Another platform where you can find voiceover jobs on the Internet is Voice Bunny. It is similar to Fiverr but dedicated only to voice-over jobs. What makes Voice Bunny different from other websites is that it delivers job postings to members every day via e-mail. The first people who respond to the ads get the job.

3. Voiver

Voiver is a free platform that brings customers and voice actors together. The biggest advantage of Voiver is that the projects started before being selected as a voice actor. 

4. The Voice Crew

If you are looking for experiences that you can use in your portfolio, The Voice Crew will be the right address for you. Of course, the money you earn from this site will not cover your monthly expenses. But finding a job is much easier thanks to its large customer base.

5. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings has a free membership system for both customers and artists. According to the site, projects such as welcome messages, announcements, voice messages and voice alerts are paid 50 dollars per 75 words.

Paid Platforms

6. Voices

voices.com is one of the largest networks that bring together voice actors and customers. You are limited in the variety of jobs you can find on the site. Major customers choose this site to fill roles left blank in their projects. You can become a free member, but only then can you get a project when you are invited by a customer. To participate in the audition, you have to pay the membership fee of $ 500 per year.

7. The Voice Realm

The jobs advertised in The Voice Realm are not affiliated with the union. But wages on the website are pretty good even for non-union jobs. The Voice Realm is selective about the skills they work with, you need to upload a demo before you create an account.

8. Voice123

Voice123 brings together both customers and artists for voice-over projects. Although standard membership is free, you cannot participate in the selection for job postings. You can get the job only when you are invited and when you are a platinum or premium member in the project. The annual fee of premium membership is $ 395. However, this site does not provide escrow * service.

* Keeping the property or document under the control of a third party until certain conditions are met between the parties to the contract.

9. Upwork

Upwork is a great site to find freelance jobs on the Internet. You can create an account for free, but you need to buy “connects” to apply for ads and they are sold for $ 0.15. In addition,   you can opt for Freelancer Plus membership , with 70 free “connects” for $ 14.99 per month . If you have other skills other than voiceover, you can add them to your portfolio.

Income Potential of Voice Acting

Generally, you receive a fee per project in the selection process. When there are projects that are always on the job, these are usually television programs like cartoons or online shows like on Youtube.

The fee you get depends on three factors: experience, performance and length of the project. According to voices.com , you can earn $ 100 for a 15-second recording, or $ 250 for a 30 or 60-second ad. You can earn $ 3000 from audiobooks, but producing them will be more difficult.

Rates are usually determined by the number of words in the script, meaning longer scenarios earn more money. If you want to calculate hourly, a common formula is to multiply the hourly rate by 60 minutes. You can calculate your hourly rate as number of words / number of hours / 60 minutes. As you gain more experience, you can increase your fee.

The Facts of Voice Acting

Many people think that being able to imitate different sounds is enough to become a voice actor. You can get more work because you can make different sounds. This thought is partially true, if you can make different voices, you can get various projects to advance your career. However, this is not always the case. According to Anna Brisman, a voice actor and Youtuber, having a convincing tone is more important to improve your voice career.

In short, the voice-over job is a job where you read the lines in a scenario and transfer the purpose of the lines to the audience. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, like any profession, being a voice actor has difficulties. To convincingly convey a character, you need to know the basics of voice acting. In addition, you need to be patient because you may have to read the script over and over again until the customer is convinced. If you think it is too much to repeat ten times, you should know that this is not always the case. If you can handle it by repeating a line less than ten times, you’re in luck.

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