Ways to Earn Thousands Followers on YouTube

Want to become famous through YouTube? Do you have a message that you want to convey to as many people as possible? Maybe you want to make people laugh. Whatever your final goal, you need to increase the number of people who subscribe to your YouTube channel to reach it. In this guide we prepared for you, we explained how you can increase your number of followers and followers.

Frequently Generating Content:

1. Upload videos at least once a week.

One of the most important steps to gain followers is to produce as much content as you can. The more videos you upload, the more popular your channel will be, because uploading videos for a while will keep people watching your channel constantly.

  • More videos allow you to get more out of searches, so you get more followers.
  • But there is something like this; if you upload too many videos each week, your channel will interfere and your followers will have trouble finding out where it is. If you categorize videos, people will have the chance to watch videos of interest.

2. Prepare a plan and implement it.

Upload videos at specific times for a week. Don’t forget to let your followers know when to upload the next video. If you do so, they will probably stop by your channel when you post the video.

  • People often want to watch channels that upload videos on a regular basis rather than someone who occasionally publishes content.
  • It may be a good idea to contact your followers to open a live broadcast while they watch your videos. Live videos are higher in YouTube search results.

3. Make sure that  the tags in the video match your content.

The tags you put must match the content of your video. If you find your video because of the wrong tags when searching for something, that person will most likely stop following your channel.

  • If you do tagging correctly, your videos will appear on searches that match the content.
  • You can use more than one word, as well as one word. People usually pay attention to sentences.
  • Put up to 15 tags in each of your videos. If you exceed this number, YouTube will invalidate all your tags, and your video may not appear on any searches.
  • Be sure to use labels that people are looking for. You can try websites and applications such as hashtags4follows.com to find such tags .

4.  Put a nice title on your video.

Thoughtful titles appear higher in searches. For example; Let’s say you’re taking a video about baking cookies. You can simply type in bake good cookies.. But by developing it a little, you can write “bake delicious and melting cookies in less than 15 minutes..

  • The second title is more descriptive and contains enough words to be inserted into search engines.
  • Popular YouTube channels often use the “click-and-see” tactic. In this way, they allow their followers to open and watch the video. For example; Kullanıy You will not believe what will happen ”or ın You will be very surprised to see what this person can do yapabil. This tactic will give you more followers, but if the videos do not meet the expectations, it may annoy many people.

5. Make your  explanation meaningful.

When your video appears in search results, only a few lines of your description will appear. Therefore, at the beginning of your description, you need to clearly explain the content of the video and what the followers expect.

  • There are a few keywords in your description, but if you overdo it, it will be difficult for your followers to read the description.
  • Ask people to join your channel in your description and make sure your channel has a link.

Planning Your Videos:

1. Write a scenario.

Although it is possible to shoot successful videos without prior preparation, it is easier to describe the content systematically when you have a scenario. In this way, you will not be detached from the subject of your video, and you will be able to communicate the content clearly to your viewers.

  • If you plan to do what you say in front of the Vlog, you can easily walk around and transfer it to your followers. The masters of this work follow this method and discard the paused parts from the video.
  • Produce content on topics you know. The most successful videos are shot by people who love his work. Avoid following the herd and repeating popular trends. When you do the things you want and concentrate on them, you develop much more success.

3.  Win the hearts of your followers with your introductory sentence.

The introduction is one of the most important parts of a video. It should attract your followers, give tips on content, and make followers want to see more. You can write your personal sentences, put pictures or share tips on what’s going to happen.

  • Your entry sentence should be short but strong. If your input sentences last longer than 10 to 15 seconds, you will lose your followers. In this section, you should describe the titles, pictures and tips. You should briefly address them and then mention the main content of your video.

4.  Your content should flow fast.

The speed of your video should not bore your followers. Forget about uninteresting topics, talk about topics that involve action.

  • Don’t try to explain too much under one title. If you’re shooting informative videos, transfer your content under several headings. This way, your followers will not be bombarded with information.
  • Nevertheless, I’ll keep the headlines short, so don’t blink too much. If your follower gets bored for even a second, he immediately starts looking for something more fun.
  • Breathe when you switch to other titles to reduce your speed a little longer when shooting longer videos. In this way, your followers can stop and review what they have seen so far before you can proceed further.

5.  Encourage your followers to take action as they finish.

Don’t just say goodbye at the end of your videos and turn off your camera. Ask your followers to subscribe to your channel, share your videos on Facebook, or comment on the bottom of the video. All of these will help you gain more followers and build a close relationship with your followers.

  • Use annotations to put a subscription key into your video. Make sure these comments do not block anything and put them in the last part of the video.

Capturing Your Videos:

1.  Edit your videos.

Even the simplest editing skills make your video stand out among thousands of other similar videos on YouTube. Discard any silent and inconsistent parts or errors.

  • Try to understand how video editing programs work to gain these skills. You can find several public video editing programs on the Internet, and you can get one of the many digital cameras that are available with recording and video editing software.

2.  Create transitions.

If you’ve shot multiple videos on the same topic (how-tos, reviews, etc.), create common transitions and effects that you can apply to all of them. So your content looks more tidy and professional.

  • Transitions have a significant impact on the brand you create with your videos. Your brand is crucial to the success of your YouTube channel, so you should focus on strengthening your brand.

3.  Work on your camera skills.

Try shooting from different angles. Learn all the features of your camera. A complete shot gives you a great advantage to keep your followers in your hands.

  • Do not move your camcorder too much unless you are looking for a certain angle. For example, let’s say you’re talking about something and you want to zoom in on something that’s relevant. Do not pull the camera’s movement while doing this. Instead, cut the scene from one scene to another so that your viewers don’t see the camera’s movements.
  • Ask a friend or family member for help. If someone else is interested in the camera, you may look more friendly in front of the camera. It would be better to have a “team”. So you can shoot more professionally than using a video camera to shoot videos.
  • To make a steady shot, either use a tripod or stand in a certain place. If you need to navigate around, use a camera with an optical stabilizer.

Creating Your Channel:

1.  Produce consistent content.

Make sure that the content you upload matches the main theme of your channel. For example; Do not go to recipes after publishing several film reviews. Your followers will stop watching your videos when they find that your content doesn’t meet their expectations.

  • Create other channels for different topics and themes. In this way, it allows you to connect your channels and at the same time separate your content from each other so as not to confuse your followers.

2.  Establish a close relationship with your followers.

Replying to good comments and including your followers in your videos reinforces the ties of your community.

  • Remember to check your channel while doing this. For example, remove unsightly messages that might upset other followers. This will keep your friendship and popularity on your channel.

3.  Subscribe to other channels.

Find channels that interest you and subscribe to them. Write gentle comments under your videos. When you do this, you will see that people who subscribe to that channel follow you. YouTube is a community and your close relationship with the creators of this community will improve you as well as developing new content.

  • Respond to other videos with your own videos, but don’t overdo it. If you do, you will probably not be attracted to attention and will be blocked, which will reduce your chances of winning followers. When you respect other channels, you will notice that your own channel also grows. Specify which channel or person you are responding to in the video title so people can easily find you.
  • Write nice comments under other videos. Nevertheless, be careful not to miss the measure.

4.  Advertise your channel.

Advertise your videos using other social networking channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Notify your friends and followers when you upload a new video. Write a small description when you share the video.

  • If you have a blog, place a link to your YouTube channel. This allows your readers to easily access your videos. To create the YouTube subscription tool, you can use the following code: <script src=”https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>
    <div class=”g-ytsubscribe” data-channel=”Your Channel Name Will Come Here”>
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